EXCLUSIVE: ‘We take great pride in wearing what's been passed down to us:’ Soha Ali Khan on fashion & more

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘We take great pride in wearing what's been passed down to us:’ Soha Ali Khan on fashion & more

The pandemic has hit us all very hard and amongst all of them are the people of the fashion industry. The industry as a whole has taken a hit right from the karigars and tailors to large boutique and brand owners. Right before the pandemic, the fashion industry was already on its way to reinvent itself and look at the way they consumed the resources of the world. We were already having talks while some had already started working on sustainability, slow fashion and environment-friendly mean to produce and distribute fashion. 

With the pandemic hitting us, things halted for a minute and then fast-forwarded. Everyone started learning about means to sustain while also looking back at their means of production and supply. Just not this, fashion is now changing drastically with slow fashion brands and thrift shops making a way down the sustainable route. So, in a recent conversation with Soha Ali Khan, we asked her about how she thinks mindful purchases, slow fashion and thrifting is the new way for a fashionable life. 

What do you have to say about the fashion industry taking the hit during the pandemic? 

Like a lot of other industries, it's been a tough time for many fashion houses. And we applaud the resilience of everyone working in this space who is innovating and finding ways to be nimble - we'll all come out stronger from this.

Slow fashion is coming back and style - so what are your thoughts about it? 

The important thing is that people are mindful about their purchases - when we buy things that last long and that we can wear many times in many different ways, we go a long way towards conscious consumption.

You belong to a family that appreciates heritage. How has that reflected in your fashion choices? 

We like to select pieces that last, that we can pass down... and we take great pride in wearing what's been passed down to us!

Sustainability is the new mantra in fashion - how are you doing your bit to stay sustainable?

Participating in circular fashion is key! Thrifting is the new way to look at fashion. So when you share your clothes for sale and when you shopped preloved, the environmental benefits are tangible and larger than I imagined!

How would you influence people to change the way they consumed fashion?

Be more thoughtful about what you buy, and buy for the long term! We all can participate in circular fashion - by sharing pieces we are no longer using or are willing to part with, and by buying preloved. We hope this is a start to much, much more!

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