10 Simple tips to preserve your expensive and designer clothing to make them last longer

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10 Simple tips to preserve your expensive and designer clothing to make them last longer
10 Simple tips to preserve your expensive and designer clothing to make them last longer

Designer and expensive clothes often are a long-term investment. Unfortunately, the rise of fast fashion has got us accustomed to disposable clothing. With designer and high-quality clothing, maintenance becomes a top priority. If these clothes are well maintained, which requires dedication and routine, will last longer than ever. 

If you want expensive clothes to last longer then follow these tips:

1. If you regularly wear blazers and expensive jackets then invest in a stiff brush. It will take away all the dirt at your nap and the length of the fabric. It is a great tool to ensure your clothes are always clean and tidy. It is also best to keep these clothes hung with a covering to avoid dust accumulation, especially if there is a long gap between wearing.

2. Hang your clothing immediately. Don't let it sit bunched up as it will get moisture and become soggy, which can prove fatal to the fabric and its stitching.

3. Another good investment is a steamer. Use them often on delicate fabric and lusciously expensive clothing. Ironing can damage the finer threads of the fabric thus making it look overused or cheap. A steamer will only take away the wrinkle and cause the least damage to your clothes.


4. For cotton garments, ironing is suitable. If you need to hand wash and use starch then it is ideal to use a professional dry cleaner for your clothes. 

5. For beaded, sequenced and embroidery clothing use a steamer at the lowest heat possible as it may cause damage to the delicate work on the fabric.

6. It is advised that you have a wardrobe that is located at a cool, dry and dark place in the house. It needs to be away from the UV light as it can cause colour damage, insect infestation and bacterial growth. 

7. All your silk and wool garments can be professionally cleaned to kill all bacteria and eggs of infestations. When you store them away, ensure that they are cleaned beforehand. It is to avoid the exponential growth of bacteria and damage-causing infestations. 


8. Quality wool and acrylic hangers are ideal for expensive clothing. Wire hangers can cause your clothing much damage, especially for your silk and wool garments. 

9. Any chemical mothballs can destroy your clothing. They emit fumes and give an unpleasant odour. Instead, use natural alternatives such as cedarwood, rosemary, clove or lavender sachets or fragrant insect repellents. 

10. When cleaning your garments at home ensure to follow the cleaning label instructions. If you have stains then spot cleaning is advisable. Use light detergents and dilute them before using them on your clothes. Detergents and soaps can also cause damage to your clothes. Although, it is always best to rely on the professionals to do the cleaning for you. 

Expensive clothes are usually classic in style and a considerable investment, which makes them very delicate clothing in your otherwise inexpensive wardrobe. You must prepare to have time, patience and dedication to look after your expensive clothing as it is the only way to ensure they look shiny as new and desirable. 

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