How to reinvent your look: 10 simple hacks for a quick makeover

Looking for an instant makeover? Here are some simple ways in which you can reinvent your look!
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Everyone is constantly looking for a change and ways to look fresh and different. Well, bringing variety in your look can be as easy as switching the way you part your hair. Here are some simple hacks to help you give yourself a quick makeover and reinvent your look. 
1. Change your hair colour 
Changing your hair colour gives your look a drastic and dramatic difference. You need not go for a bold a crazy colour like a green or pink but simple changes in browns and blacks will also make a huge difference. 
Try hair colour trends like Balayage and Hygge which are trending big in 2017!
2. Restore your hair 
If Colouring your hair is a tad bit too much do, a good deep conditioning mask that will restore and moisturise your hair, giving it a fresher and shinier feel and look. You'd be shocked to see how big a difference a simple hair spa appointment at the salon can make. .
3. Change your hair parting 
If you have worn your hair in a centre part all your life, trying a side part could give a drastic change to your look!
4. Find a new style icon 
You would be surprised by how much you can be influenced by any celebrity or style icon you look up to. If your style icon is a bit laid back like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid try a new Icon like Beyonce, who is dressier and more girl boss-ish 
5. Update your accessories 
This does not necessarily mean you have to go and buy and an entire closet of jewellery! If statement necklaces are all you have been wearing, then switching things up to something edgier like a tiny choker can make a world of a difference. 
6. Try Colour contacts 
Eyes are probably the most prominent feature on everyone's face. Changing your eye colour has the power to change your entire look. Try a pair of lighter or darker contact lenses to turn things around.
7. When shopping, try thing you never would!
When out shopping, if you look at a dress and say "I would never wear that" force yourself to try that, you never know it might juts look great on you and will be a delightful change from your standard go-to style. 
Steer clear from pieces that you always run towards! Break free from your uniform 
8. Find the red lipstick that suits 
Red lipstick is an instant confidence booster and lifts up me up! Find your scarlet dream and rock that crimson pout to change things up. When you do not feel like dressing up at all, just throw red lips on and it will glam your look up! 
9. Get out of your makeup rut 
Every girl usual tends to get into a makeup rut! If it works they don't fix it. If you are a no liner and mascara kind girl then give your lashes a break and try a bold winged liner. If you wear bold liner everyday then try going with nude eyes for your everyday look. 
10. Piercings
If you are one of those who from time to time want something new but don't want something as permanent as piercings then switch back and forth easily using clip on
You can use clip on to create a faux ear piercing, nose ring, eyebrow or septum ring. 
These were all the hack to reinvent your look! Comment below and let us know what you do to change your look up? 


Could anyone please let me know where I can find a full-length picture of the dress Jacqueline is wearing in the pic?

Deepika the eternally gorgeous diva.

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