5 Things you need to possess if you call yourself a hardcore rider

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5 Things you need to possess if you call yourself a hardcore rider
5 Things you need to possess if you call yourself a hardcore rider

Bike rides are highly enjoyable when you choose to roadtrip with your gang. Be it boys or girls, in the contemporary era everyone plans to hit the roads rather than planes. Bike rides help you to connect more with nature and enjoy the breeze of fresh air. Riding is fun but what is often ignored are the precautionary measures that follow them. We bring to you a comprehensive list of things that you should possess to call yourself a hardcore rider. 


1. Knee and Elbow Pads

Protective gears are the most important precautionary measure before kickstarting a long ride. They offer a comprehensive protection with a plastic cover and sponge padding. It has a strong buffering capacity made up of anti-collision materials which is quite breathable and comfortable for long rides. 


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2. Cooling Arm sleeves

These cooling arm sleeves are perfect to prevent tanning and sun-related rashes. It is breathable and moisture wicking with V shaped knitting technology. These gloves are mandatory to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. 


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3. Knee Elbow Guard with Gloves

Knee Elbow Guard is essential to protect your joints. They are more prone to serious injuries. Thus, it is necessary to rely on strong, sturdy and breathable guarding equipment. This set of Knee Elbow Guard with Gloves has a soft and skin-friendly layer of fabrics. They play a better role of cushioning in collisions. 


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4. Face Mask

You might feel that a face mask might ruin the feeling of riding. But this is better than a mask protecting your facial skin to the fullest. Be it sun rays, dust, grime, pollutants, or sandy breeze, you don't have to worry about the harmful effects they have on your skin. This face mask has a soft fabric and is breathable. What’s more? It is gender neutral. Want to go on a bike ride? Get your protective shield on. 


Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 196

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5. Riding Jacket

This riding jacket is made up of polyester and crafted beautifully by keeping in mind the needs and necessities of a hardcore rider. This jacket has a collar, pre-rolled sleeves, adjustable pockets and waist for perfect fit. It helps in reducing fatigue and has a safety line at the shoulders and elbows. Nevertheless, it will make you look like a dapper while you enjoy riding. 


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Safety comes first and so you need to own these protective essentials to wrap yourself in utmost security and safety. It is true that you might have to compromise on the breezy feels but considering today’s weather conditions you need to prepare yourself up to the maximum. Now kickstart your long road journeys without bothering much about safety.


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