5 Tips on how to keep a minimalist wardrobe during the pandemic according to designer Meghna Goyal

The pandemic has taught us many things and one of them is how to make more mindful choices to reduce our impact on the environment.
minimalsim,minimalistic fashion,meghna goyal 5 Tips on how to keep a minimalist wardrobe during the pandemic according to designer Meghna Goyal
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When it comes to clothing, and the access we have today, we immediately want to satisfy our urges and impulses - which ultimately means we start to hoard (meaning buying when with the anticipation of maybe wearing sometime somewhere), or then we may wear something just once (which means the average cost per wear is very high. ACPW - divide the price of the item by the number of times you have worn it or estimate you'll wear it).

Now that we're spending more time at home and less time getting dressed, it gives us the perfect opportunity to declutter and consciously realize how many forgotten and unworn pieces of clothing lie in the closet (doing this to your wardrobe has more impact on your life than you think). Here are a few tips that I learned along my journey of a conscious lifestyle that will help you create a capsule/minimalist wardrobe: 

  • When you're purchasing something new, always follow this mantra "buy less choose well"
  • The look that you impulsively love on the racks, may not be something that you see yourself wearing on multiple occasions. Downsize the number of clothes by knowing what you need regularly. 

  • Invest in long-lasting pieces, which means good quality garments (the price may be higher than a fast-fashion brand but think of the average cost per wear here and how long you think this garment will last you) 
  • Look for pieces that are versatile, which means you should be able to wear them multiple times in multiple different ways (dressed up or down) and can be mixed and matched with existing pieces in your wardrobe 
  • Focus less on trends and more on the functionality and longevity of pieces. It's always best to keep an eye out for something timeless that will never go out of style and will stay with you for a long time. 

Keeping a minimalist wardrobe means redefining the way you perceive shopping. It can be difficult to avoid your favourite fast-fashion go-to stores in the beginning. You need to be self-aware and realistic about the kind of lifestyle you live and think about your daily needs while filtering out the items in your closet.

While we all joke about "getting dressed to go to the living room", this pandemic has taught us the joys of getting dressed at home too. More than getting glammed up to go out with your friends, work, or to a function, it's more about how getting ready and the clothes we wear (even while at home) impact our mental health. So it's important to keep doing what makes you happy but being mindful along the way.

About the author: Meghna Goyal, Founder of Summer Somewhere

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