5 Types of hats that every woman must have to feel like the boss that she is

Updated on Aug 29, 2021 04:07 PM IST  |  127.5K
5 Types of hats that every woman must have to feel like the boss that she is
5 Types of hats that every woman must have to feel like the boss that she is

Hats have been around for quite a long time. Although their initial usage was for protection and functionality, with time people realised the sartorial importance of it. Hats have the power to amp up any outfit and add elegance to a look in a jiffy. It is a guaranteed way of standing out in a crowd. Here are 5 types of hat every woman must have. 


1. Beret

These hats originate from France and Spain, and are widely loved. They are fuss-free and effortlessly chic. Interestingly, they were first a part of the military uniform but have now made their way into every fashionista and celebrity’s accessory wardrobe. Berets are soft caps with a rounded, flat crown.



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2. Fedora 

These edgy and playful hats are known for adding a quirky touch to an outfit. Quite a few celebs have been seen wearing these hats with pantsuits or other kinds of formal wear. The name of the hat can be credited to a dramatist Victorien Sardou, Fédora who wore this hat during his play. Fedoras are soft-brimmed with a creased centre. 



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3. Floppy Hats 

As the name suggests, floppy hats do not have a sturdy brim and can acquire any shape. And that fact that they can take in any fluid shape just makes them look ultra classy. These hats look best when styled with Bohemian outfits and maxi dresses. They were initially used to protect the face from the UV rays of the sun, but are now also a fashionable accessory. 



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4. Boater 

Boater hats were an extremely popular fashion accessory in the 19th century and were mostly worn by men. As the name suggests, these hats were mostly donned by men while sailing or boating. However, as fashion got more and more gender neutral, the boater was quick to be adopted by women as well. These hats are known to add a certain poise and sophistication to a look. 



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5. Bucket Hat 

Every child in the 90s must have worn a bucket hat. These hats protect your hair from the sun, are your best friend on bad hair days and always look super adorable. Initially bucket hats were used due to their functionality by Irish farmers while farming to protect them from the rain. However, soon they became a fashion trend and have been worn by many fashionistas and celebs around the world. 




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