5 Understated accessories EVERY bride to be needs to add to her bridal look for her big day

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5 Understated accessories EVERY bride to be needs to add to her bridal look for her big day
5 Understated accessories EVERY bride to be needs to add to her bridal look for her big day

It's that time of the year again when wedding season is nearing. If you're done shortlisting your bridal outfit, have picked your bridesmaids and coordinated looks appropriately for your big day, we are here to remind you that you're not done yet! Here are some understated accessories that will truly elevate your look!

While bigger accessories like the maang tikka and earrings are rarely forgotten, it is the smaller pieces that truly add character to one's outfit and complete the look. Here are 5 understated accessories that every bride must have that have a bigger impact than regular pieces.

Haath Phool
Yet another traditional piece, this accessory worn on the hands is made of multiple delicate chains that are connected to one single bangle and a couple of adjustable rings. Haath Phool was common among the Queens of India and is known to symbolise power, wealth and social status. Match your Haath Phool to the rest of your accessories and pick a slinky modern one for a minimalistic look.


The arm bracelet is a common accessory in most traditional wedding ceremonies. Also known as the armlet and popularised by Bharatnataya dancers, it is an accessory that is often forgotten or missed out on. If you aren't keen on the traditional heavy gold pieces, there are more contemporary patterns with solitaires for the modern bride who wants to still keep in touch with her roots.

Kamar Bandh
A popular accessory for highlighting sarees and showing off the waist, the Kamar Bandh has gained popularity and is considered a trendy accessory today. An essential part of every South-Indian bride's look, the gold band is also sported with lehengas for North-Indian weddings as well and subtly show off the slender waist while accessorising it.


Embellished hairpins
If you're opting for an updo rather than leaving your hair loose, instead of using the regular old hairpins, invest in some diamond ones that will add a hint of shimmer and shine on your head for your big day!

Move over high heels, sneakers are the footwear you should be picking out and investing in for your wedding. A pair of customised kicks is all you will need to not only stay comfortable but also look on-trend and have a blast on your big day without worrying about your feet hurting while you're supposed to be having fun!


And you're all set to look like the most glamorous bride with her accessory game on point!

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