6 Fashion picks every Scorpio woman must have in her wardrobe

Updated on Oct 23, 2021 02:18 AM IST  |  111.2K
6 Fashion picks every Scorpio woman must have in her wardrobe
6 Fashion picks every Scorpio woman must have in her wardrobe

The Scorpio season is starting and it is time for all the fiery Scorpio women to make a statement! The most intense of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are also a jumble of contradictions. Passionate but secretive, low-maintenance but also perfectionistic, these women have a lot going on. These fashion picks are a must have for every nuanced Scorpio.


Body-Hugging Tees 

Scorpion women need to strike a balance between their fiery passion and reluctance to be the centre of attention. Hence, with the help of a comfortable top that shows off their curves but is also reserved in a subtle way, you can become the centre of attention without moving out of your comfort zone. 


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Timeless Denim 

Scorpios value loyalty, so they tend to pick a jeans style and stick with it for a long time. They would rather invest in timeless skinny jeans than a trendy top. You must choose quality brands that you can go years without replacing. 


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Night-Out Dresses 

Though not many get to see this water sign’s emotional, feminine core, they know how to bring it out for maximum effect. In other words, they are a pro at drawing out their feminine and sultry side when they want to. 


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Scorpios are incredibly practical, which means you will rarely find one teetering around town in sky-high stilettos. Supportive, versatile, but also stylish sneakers are the way to every Scorpio woman’s heart. 


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Leather Jacket 

The scorpion has its tough outer shell, and the fashionable ones take that literally. It does not matter whether they prefer a classic leather moto or a long leather trench, so long as it is unadorned, neutral in colour and totally badass. 


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Tailored Blazer 

Scorpios are professional, successful and natural leaders, though not as vocal about it as their Leo or Aries friends. An understated but sharp tailored blazer is a must for wielding their power without making it all about them. 


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