6 USEFUL tips to take care of your cotton garments to make them last longer

Updated on Aug 03, 2021 05:56 PM IST  |  103.4K
6 USEFUL tips to take care of your cotton garments to make them last longer

A cotton Kurti is a timeless piece of Indian clothing. A versatile garment, they can be worn all year round, be it during the Indian summer or chilly winters. Simply pair them with various accessories, and you have an outfit for different seasons and reasons. The versatility of the garment makes them stay in demand all year long. 

Taking care of your cotton Kurtis is not difficult if you follow these tips:

- Opt to hand wash your cotton garments in cold or lukewarm water. This prevents the fabric from shrinking in size and the colour from fading. A mild detergent is good enough to keep your cotton clean and feeling fresh. 

- Direct harsh sunlight can be another reason your cotton Kurtis shrink and lose their colour. However, you can dry your white cotton kurtas under direct sunlight and ensure to pick up your cotton garments immediately once they have dried. Drying your cotton garments lightly in a drier or opting for a shady spot to dry your clothes is a way you can ensure a longer life for your cotton kurtas.

- Avoid dry cleaning your cotton, Kurtis. Unlike silks and other synthetic fabrics, cotton garments lose their colours and shine when cleaned with the chemical-rich dry cleaning process.

- While most fabrics smell fresh and feel new when washed with a softener, you must keep your cotton Kurtis away from fabric softeners. Not only can they get spotted and stained, but they also result in the clothing looking old and worn out. Instead, opt for organic soaps; they can add years to the softness and vibrancy of your cotton Kurtis.

- Wrinkles and cotton Kurtis go hand in hand. A simple way to get that crisp, wrinkle-free look is to iron your cotton Kurtis when they are slightly damp. Steam iron works best on your cotton kurtas; if you don't own one, simply use a spray bottle to make the kurta lightly damp before you iron it. If your kurta has detailed work on it, try ironing them inside out, and you will achieve that crisp, brand new iron look.

- Garments made from cotton are a lot sturdier than synthetic fabrics and can last a long time if you take care of them right. Make sure you read the garment label for wash and fabric care specifications.

Authored By: Mrs. Kavita Kharbanda, Managing Director & Head Designer, Lakshita

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