7 ESSENTIAL formal pieces which will make your work wardrobe more chic and professional

You don't need to give your entire wardrobe a makeover to look great. Just stock up on the essentials and you are good to go!
7 ESSENTIAL formal pieces which will make your work wardrobe more chic and professional7 ESSENTIAL formal pieces which will make your work wardrobe more chic and professional
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When it comes to dressing for work, everybody wants to look their chic and fashionable best. From killer powerful blazers, to chic black pumps, we have all the basics covered for you to ensure you look smart but stylish when you are heading to work. Take cue from these Bollywood celebrities on what to stock up on!

Bold Blazer

To feel like the boss you are, the one essential you need to have in your wardrobe is the blazer. The best part about this piece - it can be dressed both up and down to suit your style for a meeting during the day and drinks at night!

Staple Shirt

The white shirt never fails to ensure you look put together at all times. Wear them beneath your chic blazer or just as is for a sophisticated look, and you are good to go! If you want to make work fun, pick out one with simple prints!

Taut Tote

When you're on the move from meetings to conferences and you have your laptop as well as planner to carry, things can get tough. Invest in a chic tote that looks polished on the outside and is reliable and spacious on the inside. 

Tasteful Trousers

When you are strutting around, you don't want to look like a mess with lose threads, flyaways, etc. Stock up on good trousers be it skinny fit, flared or even high-waisted ones the options are endless!

Sophisticated Skirt

The pencil skirt is the perfect combination of professional and feminine and is a silhouette which never goes out of style. Opting for this piece will not only wow people both inside but outside the office as well. You will ooze charm and sophistication in the number for sure!

Perfect Pantsuit

The ultimate work outfit - the pantsuit. When wearing this, there comes a feeling like there is nothing you can't do. The power suit is given the name for a reason! Plus, when you don't feel like wearing the entire ensemble, you can just pick up pieces and wear them separately and still look fashionable as ever. 

Powerful Pumps

When it comes to work comfort should ideally trump fashion, but every girl needs a pair of shoes that scream authority and business. And nothing quite does it like pumps. If you aren't okay with the height, pick out pumps with smaller heels and wear them on special days when you have a big presentation to feel more powerful and confident. 

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