7 Types of heels every girl must have that are under Rs 1000

Updated on Oct 15, 2021 09:31 AM IST  |  53.6K
7 Types of heels every girl must have that are under Rs 1000
7 Types of heels every girl must have that are under Rs 1000

Women’s heels are a desidely feminine footwear staple forever associated with high-style and glamour. Assuredly, a woman in a high heel is confident and savvy. From heels for everyday moments to designs made for exquisite events and luxurious vacations, discover seven types of affordable heels every stylish woman needs in her wardrobe.



Stiletto heels are sky-high in height, with leg-lengthening qualities that make it a highly-coveted shape. They are definitely not for the faint of heart. A pair of classic stilettos creates a statement on its own. You can pair it with denims or even with a mini dress. You can even style your festive and wedding outfits with these heels. These heels will make you look taller and slimmer as well. 


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Wear a pair of pumps and give your height a classic look. They are a type of kitten heel which have a close frontend, enabling your toes to be exposed. It gives a sophisticated look and you can wear them for formal and informal gatherings. Pumps help in enhancing the glamour quotient. Wear a pair of slim-fit jeans and pair it with balck pumps or wear a little black dress and pair it with contrasting pumps. 


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Kitten Heels

If you want to shell out fashion goals, wear a pair of kitten heels which are comfortable and look equally amazing. These are a bonafide must-have in the heels department. If you cannot bear the pain caused by heels, then kitten heels are customised for you. They are below 3 inches and are perfect for travelling or for semi-formal occasions.


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Lace-ups are the type of heels which are like ankle-straps and hold your ankles firmly. Instead of a strap, they have a lace in varied colours, which could sit anywhere between 4 to 7 inches above your ankle. They are decidedly feminine and particularly chic. You can wear these heels with a mini dress, a mini skirt and even with casual denim shorts to add a touch of glamour. 


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Block Heels 

Block heels are another staple when it comes to comfort. There are a number of versions of these heels available. They come in a triangular shape, a super-strappy silhouette, with a unique embellishment, or a minimally-chic mule ideal for sleek city style. In other words, there is a divine block heel for every look and occasion. 


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Mules are a warm weather must-have in every wardrobe and range from low-to-the-ground heels to mid and sky-high varieties. Even better, there are myriad silhouettes to choose from, including closed-toe designs, strappy silhouettes, and exaggerated shapes. Mules are a great way to amp up your casual wear and complement your formal wear. 


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Highly sought-after for comfort, the wedge heel can be incredibly stand-out like it’s many counterparts and offered in myriad materials from croc-embossed leather to wood. They are another great choice for the warm weather and provide an ultra-modern design adding a urbane yet classic touch to any look. 



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