Are you a fan of sarees? THESE 6 types of sarees are a must have in every woman's wardrobe

Saree is a piece of clothing that has been passed on from generations. This traditional drape comes in a lot of variety but there are some basic pieces that are clearly a wardrobe essential for every woman. So here are 6 types of sarees every woman should own.
Are you a fan of sarees? THESE 6 types of sarees are a must have in every woman's wardrobe
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Owning a drape is a matter of pride for every Indian woman. The nine-yard is very close to all of our hearts. It all started from the day we saw our moms draping their traditional sarees. We've got access to some of the oldest and most beautiful sarees from our mothers and grandmothers. A  gorgeous drape can be worn for nearly all occasions - from a cocktail party to a desi function. You can wear it any and everywhere and look chic with ease. But donning a traditional drape is always a fashionable choice no matter what your age is. A saree just adds to the beauty of a woman and it is that one piece of clothing that looks amazing on women of all shapes, sizes and races. The latest trends might be changing every day but this is that one classic piece that will never go out of trend. Every woman should own some basic drapes and we have curated the right list for you. Check it out

1. Cotton Saree

A light cotton saree is a basic and breezy piece that is very comfortable and easy to sport. It looks beautiful on everybody and is clearly meant for every woman's wardrobe.

2. Silk Saree

A traditional Kanjeevaram or a Murshidabad silk saree is a must-have saree for every woman. They look rich and regal and our B-town beauties have given us enough proof of that. 

3. Chiffon Saree

A light and breezy chiffon saree looks chic on days you don't feel like putting in the effort to your look. This fabric has its own grace and it is easy to manage for daily wear. It has a smooth texture and is perfect for someone who isn't used to wearing heavy sarees often.

4. Bandhani and Lehriya Saree

It's a type of traditional saree that has a lot of different traditional prints and patterns on it. A bandhani or a leheriya saree looks traditional while also being lightweight and easy to carry. These sarees are made by tie and dye work which gives a colourful twist to your look.

5. Banarsi Saree

Benaras is known for traditional fabrics like silk and muslin. This rich fabric is woven with zari threads and looks very heavy and gorgeous. We cannot forget the Banarsi saree worn by Deepika a number of times.

6. Patola Saree

This saree is popular in Gujarat. It's a gorgeous nine yard that has lots of prints and floral motifs in pastel hues. It's a type of traditional printed saree that is essential for every woman's wardrobe. 


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