Are you fashion conscious? Beware of THESE dangerous fashion habits; Check it out

Fashion is a big part of our lives today, but some fashion habits pose a health risk and they're not worth it. Read on to know more.
Are you fashion conscious? Beware of THESE dangerous fashion habits; Check it out
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A large number of people today are very fashion conscious. Everyone wants to follow the latest trends and be on the top of their fashion game. Flaunting the latest trends and being fashion conscious is not wrong but what happens when we cross a line with of fashion habits? In order to remain fashionable, we may end up harming our body and health. Certains trends come with health risk and we need to know when to take a step back. Being fashionable is good as long as it doesn't become a health hazard. Putting your body at risk in order to look fashionable is not worth the price you may have to pay for that decision. It's essential to know which fashion trends might be dangerous and be careful with them. Here are some dangerous fashion trends that we all need to stay away from.


1. Footwear

We love wearing heels no matter how much our feet hurt later on. Heels are a fashion essential and we don't back down from a good challenge. But every challenge does not need to be won. We often wear heels to work and spend a lot of time wearing heels and come home with sore feet but it's not a healthy habit. Constantly, wearing heels can have an impact on your feet and your spine and lower back. It can also impact your knees and toes and it makes you more vulnerable to a fracture.


2. Corset or Slimmers

It's essential to look thin and though these days we don't wear tight corsets like olden times we do wear corset belts which are a rage these days. A number of women wear slimmers or shapewear in order to look slimmer or in better shape. This comes with a health risk. Corset belts and shapewear ties up your stomach too tight and doesn't allow you to take in enough oxygen. It also tends to make you uncomfortable and hampers blood circulation. Lack of oxygen and poor blood circulation is obviously harmful to your health and you should know better than to push your body too far.


3. Bag

A woman's bag has more things than she actually needs. We fill out bags with a number of things that we may or may not need. This causes our bag to fill up and turn heavy. When you carry a heavy bag on your shoulder, it causes an imbalance in your body weight distribution while you walk or stand. This, in turn, strains your shoulder and your spine. It could lead to lower back issues or shoulder problems.


4. Jewellery

We give a lot of importance to statement earrings and neckpieces. We invest in a number of statement earrings and most of them happen to be heavy in weight. We often wear these heavy earrings for a long time which makes our earlobes ache. These earrings can stretch our earlobes and also rip them with the heavyweight. Watch out for the weight of your earrings before you invest in them or don them for an occasion that requires you to wear it for a long period of time.


5. Underwear

In order to feel more confident and alluring, we often tend to buy more lacey and synthetic underwears. Other than this we also invest in uncomfortable patterns like thongs that have a negative impact on our bodies. The synthetic fabric is not breathable and can impact your intimate areas. Tight or uncomfortable underwear can put pressure on your body and these things could cause a urinary tract infection or something worse. 

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