Attending a summer wedding? Here's what NOT to wear to look like an inappropriate guest

Dressing for weddings is tricky enough already, but dressing for a summer wedding comes with its own set of qualms altogether. Read on to know what you should not be sporting at the happiest event of the bride and groom's life.
Wedding,wedding fashion,Style Tips,wedding inspirationAttending a summer wedding? Here's what NOT to wear to look like an inappropriate guest
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As time goes by, it seems like weddings have fewer rules since couple and society is just getting more progressive as time goes. Once you RSVP to the wedding, you start to wonder what to wear for the grand day. If there is a dress code that comes with the invite, you are sorted, but if there isn't, we have you covered. 

Are you confused whether to don that pantsuit or gown? Well, take a look at what you should not wear to weddings no matter what. 


Yes, we know it is summer, but white is a complete no-no if you are a guest at a Hindu or a Christian wedding. It is considered a colour of mourning in some religions, and when it comes to Christianity, the bride wears white and you don't want to steal her thunder. Instead opt for a lighter shade of a dark colour, Pastel pink, powder blue, lime yellows are all appropriate.

Anything denim

Denim is the definition of casual, which is exactly what weddings don't represent. You can wear denim on any other day, so don't wear it for a wedding. If you want to wear wedding casual, opt for a simple monotone dress to do the trick. 


If you do want to wear pants, think of other materials. Velvet, cotton, formal pants are other options you can pick from. 

Ripped anything

Distressed anything is only for casual occasions, just like denim. Do not wear anything ripped to a wedding and do nor confuse a ripped outfit for a well cutout one, which might be appropriate to wear to a wedding. 

Flip flops or crocs

Maybe you are attending to a beach wedding, but it is still not appropriate to sport flip flops. Think of more formal footwear for the ceremony. Easy loafers would make for a better choice of footwear for the beach. 


Do you have anymore to add to the list? Comment below and let us know. 


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Can u post What will be best to wear in summer weeding ?

When it comes to wedding be it fashion or relationships, Bollywood isn’t and shouldn’t be a goal. Wedding is a comedy circus in their lala land.

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