Balenciaga just launched a new eco-friendly collection, doing their bit for sustainability of fashion

The luxury brand is next in line to take a step towards doing their bit for the environment and focus on sustainability after brands like Dior, Stella McCartnety, etc.
Balenciaga,Style Tips,Sustainable Fashion,farfetchAn outfit from the new Balenciaga and Farfetch collection
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The field of fashion seems to be heading in a new direction. Brands like Dior, Prada and more have sworn off from using exotic animal skins and furs and designer Stella McCartney has also launched a fund for sustainable fashion. It is not too late, to join the bandwagon. Balenciaga is the next luxury brand to be part of the bandwagon and has teamed up with Farfetch to release a new line created just through conservation. 
This exclusive collection is a collaboration between the two brands that includes unseen fabrics and colours. The collection will not feature ant leather or fur and the luxury brand - Balenciaga will donate the proceeds of this line to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This organisation is known for its work in the field of nature conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. 


The @Balenciaga exclusive collection. Shop menswear now

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The idea of this exclusive collection was to bring awareness to threatened species and support the conservation act of the organisation, according to Cedric Charbit, the CEO of Balenciaga. 
The range includes a range of illustrations of endangered animal species like the white Rhinoceros, Asian Elephant, Blue Whale, Giant Panda and others. Over-sized coats, distressed denim jackets, hoodies and sneakers with pops of neon are also part of this newly launched collection. The collection is being launched for men, women and kids. 
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