The best office outfit guide for different body types

Flattering work-wear ideas for you ladies out there. Let’s celebrate different body types y’all!
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All body types are beautiful and different. The distinctive and unique features of each body type definitely affect how each of us dress on a daily basis. It is absolutely relevant to be aware which areas of your body you want to emphasis or minimise. Dressing according to your body type tells a lot about a woman, especially when it comes to ways that can show off her body making her feel most confident.

What better place to be 100% secure with yourself at your workplace? The best work attire should be very confidence boosting. Finding proper and perfect work wear pieces can be daunting especially when you're looking for something that will speak to you style and flatters your frame. So, here is a break down of the essential pieces by body-type, which will help you feel a little less lost on what you think feels and looks the best on you.


It is high time to ditch that boxy blah skirts and dresses that look so out of style! Pencil skirts and sheaths are practically made for your curves. Try out slim fit pencil pieces with graphic prints. Look out for a hemline that comes to or past your knees; the elongated shape feels much more modern and chic. You can also sport a bell sleeve dress which will draw the eyes right down too your waist. This piece will visually make your arms look slim too.

Long Torso

The trick to wisely dressing a long torso is choosing silhouettes that don’t blatantly mark where your waist is. Shirt dresses will work wonders for this body type. Find one with a sash around the waist, which you can tie a bit higher to balance the lengths of your upper body and legs.


The wide-leg pant has always been the power piece for this body type. It has both movement and structure, accenting your shape in a not too revealing way. This cut is all about your curves. Go for a front-tie shirt as it nips you in at the waist to show off your narrowest point. As wide-legged culottes don't taper, it doesn't make your hips look bigger but will give you a figure flattering office look.


Ladies with this shape has numerous options when it comes to dressing. You can spice up the feminine vibes to fake curves on your frame, or borrow heavily from the boys and embrace some chic androgyny. A double-breasted blazer adds volume to your upper body, while the tailoring accents a strong shoulder, whereas fuller silhouette on the bottom veers ladylike and a slim pant will channel menswear.

Small Chest

The oxford dress can work best with this body type. It’s a great layering piece; its collar makes everything look polished, and it can be dressed down for any non-work-related occasions, as well. Go for the not-so-average oxford, ones with the most eye-popping pattern, etc.


A shirt dress is the easiest throw-on-and-go necessity for an apple body shape. Opt for the all-over print, which will help disguise your largest measurement. If you feel like you need something a bit more corporate, add a fitted blazer on top and you’re all set.

Keep items which perfectly compliment your body type in your closet and you’ll roll like a boss-lady at the office all day long!

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