Best wallets for women who love to keep their money safe and secured

Check out the best wallets for women as per your budget and keep every penny of yours safe and secured in a fashionable way.

Updated on Apr 22, 2022 11:10 AM IST  |  687.8K
Best wallets for women who love to keep their money safe and secured
Best wallets for women who love to keep their money safe and secured
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No matter how hard women try to manage their belongings they always fall short of some or the other thing. Right from the best skincare products to outfits, women choose to stay up a notch. Likewise for women, fashion accessories also play a major role in portraying what they are. Apart from footwear and watches, they also vouch for the best type of handbag to complete their look of the day. Since carrying a handbag is not feasible, the best wallets for women come into picture. Here, we are to serve you with everything that you need to know about wallets. Scroll down to snatch a glimpse of our top picks. These top picks are hand picked keeping in mind your budget. So happy shopping!

Top picks

1. CAPRESE Pink Faux Leather Women's Wallet- Buy Now

2. Baggit Women's Western Wallet- Buy Now

3. Urban Forest Danny RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Women- Buy Now

4. Lino Perros Women's Wallet- Buy Now

5. MINISO Three-fold Long Striped Women's Wallet- Buy Now

6. ESBEDA Solid Star Embossed Wallet For Women- Buy Now

In this article

Types of wallet for women

Here are the types of wallet that can help you to understand a wallet better. 

Pocket Wallet: Pocket wallets are small in size and compacted enough to fit into your pocket or the small compartment of your handbag. They can hold cards and some of your cash. 

Clutches: Clutches are small types of purses that can be held in hand or around your neck. They can also be kept in a handbag. 

Tri-fold Wallet: A tri-fold wallet opens up like a calendar. It has three folds that help you manage your stuff in the most compact way. 

Bi-fold Wallet: It only has two folds so that you can manage your wallet with ease even when your hands are occupied with other carry bags. There is no fuss in opening them. They are mostly equipped with a zip or magnetic closure. 

Coin Wallet: These wallets are the best to store coins and small sized currency notes. 

Wristlet: Wristlets are just like a wallet but come with a strap to hold. This strap can fit onto your wrist so that you can keep your hands free. It is one of the best solutions to carry your monetary essentials when you don't have any pockets to delve your hand into. 

Card Case Wallet: They are typically constructed to hold a bulk of cards. There are visiting cards, credit cards, debit cards and personal identity cards that need their own space. This wallet is extremely sleek and can help you to stay organised. 

Types of wallet closures 

According to the likes and dislikes of women, wallet brands have introduced several types of wallet closures. These closures depend upon the type of design, structure and dimension of the wallet. Every wall is distinctive and so they need their type of closure to secure your stuff. 

1. Buckle Closure

2. Button Closure

3. Hook and Loop Closure 

4. Lobster Clasp Closure

5. Magnetic Closure

6. Snap Closure

7. Zipper Closure

Out of all the above list, button, magnetic and zip closures are the most preferred closures of wallets for women. Since you have made yourself aware of the type of wallets and wallet closure, it is the time to begin your shopping spree. We have curated products keeping in mind every type of budget. Here you will find wallets belonging to high, mid and low range. Pick your best and bring them home at the earliest. Soon you are going to be stress-free because you no longer need to cry over the missing pockets of your garments. 

High Range- Best wallets for women

1. CAPRESE Pink Faux Leather Women's Wallet

This CAPRESE Pink Faux Leather Women's Wallet is a sophisticated wallet for women. It is a perfect fashion accessory that is suitable for formal meetings, parties, casual get-togethers and other special occasions. It is specially crafted for the urban women who love to keep a their money safe and secured 

Why CAPRESE Pink Faux Leather Women's Wallet?

This wallet is sleek and made up from durable material. It has multiple compartments and ample space to hold your cards and cash. This wallet has managed to bag 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon due to its fashionable features and spacious interiors. 


Price: Rs. 2,499

Deal: Rs. 1,290

Buy Now


2. Baggit Women's Western Wallet

This Baggit Women's Western Wallet is a compact and a perfectly sized wallet that every woman needs in her everyday life. This wallet features a zippered closure and is made up of leather that is durable and smooth on hands. 

Why Baggit Women's Western Wallet?

This wallet has spacious lined compartments that are neatly stitched and structured together with a sturdy design that can last for a prolonged period of time. 


Price: Rs. 1,590

Deal: Rs. 1,305

Buy Now


3. Hidesign Autumn-Winter Black Leather Women's Wallet

This Hidesign Autumn-Winter Black Leather Women's Wallet is a bi-fold wallet designed for women who love to keep their financial assets secured. You can either slide this wallet into your purse or carry it in your hands. 

Why Hidesign Autumn-Winter Black Leather Women's Wallet? 

The durable leather material of the wallet makes it a versatile piece of fashion. It has two main compartments and four pockets to ensure that your penny is safe and stored in an organised manner. With 4.1 out of 5 customer reviews, this wallet has managed to receive a plethora of compliments for its unique design and functionality. 


Price: Rs. 3,295

Deal: Rs. 1,657

Buy Now

4. Giordano Women's Wallet

This Giordano Women's Wallet features a button closure to eliminate the zip fuss. It is a black coloured PU material wallet with appropriate dimensions. 

Why Giordano Women's Wallet?

It has one compartment, two pockets and a middle zip pocket. It is a wallet crafted for women who are always on the go and need instant access to their cash, credit or debit cards. This wallet also comes with a one year warranty and stands the test of time. 


Price: Rs. 2,900

Deal: Rs. 2,231

Buy Now

5. Chumbak Teal Synthetic Women's Wallet

This Chumbak Teal Synthetic Women's Wallet has a continental form factor. It is a long wallet that slips into your handbag or fits into your palms where you wish to go.  It is made up from synthetic material that is spacious and compact. This wallet adds a dash of fun to your monetary essentials. 

Why Chumbak Teal Synthetic Women's Wallet?

This wallet is a perfect pick for daily use and is extremely convenient to carry. It is colour and adds a pop of colour to secure your money effortlessly. 


Price: Rs. 1,995

Buy Now


Mid Range- Best wallets for women

1. Urban Forest Danny RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Women

Urban Forest wallet for women is a finest full grain leather wallet and a stylish appearance. It is compact and functional as it is equipped with 12 credit card slots, 5 currency compartments and 1 zippered compartment. 

Why Urban Forest Danny RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Women?

This wallet can be easily held in your hand as a clutch or be placed in your daily handbag. It features a noticeable texture that is attractive and exhales trendiness. It is wear-resistance and suitable for rough and tough use. 


Price: Rs. 2,509

Deal: Rs. 892

Buy Now

2. Pierre Cardin Paris Women's Wallet

This wallet is a black PU material three fold wallet. Pierre Cardin being a French designer known for its avant garde styles hooks every fashionista of the contemporary era. It has a great and alluring design to conveniently store all of your belongings and financial assets. 

Why Pierre Cardin Paris Women's Wallet?

This wallet is durable and comes with a luxurious smooth finish. It has a soft outer layer that makes it a wallet that is easy to carry. It has a smooth button closure and enhanced detailed stitching. With great capacity to hold and quality construction, Pierre Cardin Paris Women's Wallet impresses every woman.


Price: Rs. 1,850

Deal: Rs. 925

Buy Now


3. Lino Perros Women's Wallet

This Lino Perros Women's Wallet is a tri-fold wallet that every woman loves. It is a subtle appearance that can easily complement any casual or formal attire. If you wish to go hands free then slide this sleek wallet into your purse or bag with utmost ease. 

Why Lino Perros Women's Wallet?

It is made up from faux leather that has a long lifespan. Lino Perros being one of the most leading Indian brands has managed to make its own space amidst the tough competition of international and national brands. 


Price: Rs. 1,995

Deal: Rs. 755

Buy Now


4. FUR JADEN Stylish Long Polypropylene Women's Wallet

This FUR JADEN Stylish Long Polypropylene Women's Wallet comes with high quality secured buttons and sufficient space for storing your cards, cash, identity proofs as well as sim cards. Fur Jaden presents a multi-purpose leather wallet suitable for those who lead a life of ruggedness and adventure.

Why FUR JADEN Stylish Long Polypropylene Women's Wallet?

It is one of the most durable wallets that every woman needs to try her hands on. The dedicated pockets present in this wallet makes it a must-have fashion accessory. It is the best selling wallets for women on Amazon and so you must not resist buying it. 


Price: Rs. 2,000

Deal: Rs. 749

Buy Now


5. CAPRESE Pepa Peach Faux Leather Women's Wallet

This wallet belongs to the Pepa collection of Caprese. It is a collection that serves every female audience with a contemporary look and functional design. It is a sleek wallet yet spacious with dedicated compartments for storing your cash, cards and coins. 

Why CAPRESE Pepa Peach Faux Leather Women's Wallet? 

This wallet is highly appreciated for its functional design and has managed to gain 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. If you are looking for a wallet that is sleek and compact then this is a perfect match for you that will suit all your needs and necessities. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 999

Buy Now


Low Range- Best wallets for women

1. MINISO Three-fold Long Striped Women's Wallet 

This wallet is all that you need to go minimalistic and compact. It is a tri-fold wallet that is convenient to carry.  It has high resistance to water penetration and high fade resistance that can meet almost all your storage needs. 

Why MINISO Three-fold Long Striped Women's Wallet?

When it comes to softness, this wallet has managed to gain 4.8 stars out of 5. On the other hand, it has successfully delivered the comfort aspect that every woman looks for in her wallet. Thus, this wallet has bagged 4.6 stars out of 5 without any doubt. 


Price: Rs. 600

Deal: Rs. 590

Buy Now


2. ESnipe Mart Black Leather Women's Wallet

This wallet is a pocket friendly wallet that is designed to solve all of your money securing problems. It features multiple compartments to store your stuff in an easy and organised way. 

Why ESnipe Mart Black Leather Women's Wallet?

This wallet can easily accommodate a mobile phone of almost screen sizes. It is long and comes with a zip closure as well as a button closure at the side. The stylish design and smooth finish of this wallet makes it one of the most fancy wallets for ladies. 


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 474

Buy Now


3. PALAY® Wallets Purses for Women

This wallet is a slim wallet with minimalistic design for women who are always on the go. It is elegant and made up of premium quality. This wallet will help you keep your belonging and necessary financial assets in the most organised way. 

Why PALAY® Wallets Purses for Women?

This wallet is extremely light in weight and has an appealing texture. It has an extra smooth zipper, premium texture and classy finish. 


Price: Rs. 850

Deal: Rs. 669

Buy Now

4. ShopMantra Vector Faux Leather Women's Wallet

This ShopMantra Vector Faux Leather Women's Wallet comes with a tribal ethnic pattern. It is a multicolored wallet that can compliment every casual outfit of yours. It is a tri fold wallet that personifies elegance. This is the byproduct when traditional meets modernity. 

Why ShopMantra Vector Faux Leather Women's Wallet?

It is a compact and lightweight wallet which makes it ideal for everyday use. You can simply hold it in your hand or keep it in your purse whenever you’re traveling outdoors. It has a smart design and customers come to the conclusion that it is worth buying a wallet. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 404

Buy Now

5. ESBEDA Solid Star Embossed Wallet For Women

This wallet is a small and cute wallet for women who doesnt love buky or long wallets. It is a compacted tri-fold wallet that is ideal to carry all of your monetary essentials. It comes with a zip closure at the back so that you can pull out your coins with utmost ease. 

Why ESBEDA Solid Star Embossed Wallet For Women? 

This wallet is a fashionable piece that every girl or woman would definitely love. This wallet will easily slip into your bag and help you locate your finances in a jiffy. 


Price: Rs. 880

Deal: Rs. 616

Buy Now


These best wallets for women deliver what they claim. They are highly fashionable, trendy and crafted keeping in mind every woman’s needs in daily life. Be it credit cards, decibt cards, identity proofs or a lump sum amount of cash, you need not to bother about theft. These wallets will keep them secured and safe in the most organised manner. 

Reasons to buy a wallet

There are plenty of reasons to buy a wallet for women. Some women love fancy wallets, some are inclined towards purchasing clutches, mini wallets or a compacted wallet to slip into their large handbag. To cut down the time in locating your penny, these wallets are a must. Scroll down to know the reasons to buy a wallet. 

1. Capacity: Even though wallets look small and compact they have large capacity to store in every sized financial or monetary asset. There are multiple compartments and zip closures to secure your valuable belongings. 

2. Construction: Wallets are constructed according to the needs of a common man. When it comes to women, a wallet is a must have as the majority of their outfits don't come with pockets. A wallet is spacious and constructed wisely. It has plenty of room to store coins, cards, cash and identity cards. There are tri-fold wallets, bi-fold wallets and simple zip closure wallets that serve every purpose of women who are always on the go. 

3. Light weight: When you are carrying a large handbag and locating your monetary assets is a troublesome task. With a wallet in your hands, you can easily pull out the necessary items in a jiffy. Hold a wallet into your hands and stay light. They are sleek, compact yet spacious. 

4. Dedicated space for monetary essentials: No need to dump your essentials in one compartment. With a wallet in your hands, you can store your belongings in a highly organised way. The dedicated space will help you to pull the right item at the right time safely. Why mess with other essentials and feel the fear of losing them? Wallets have a cash compartment, window pockets for identity proofs, zip closures to store coins and card slots to organise your credit and debit cards. 

5. Variety of sizes and shapes: Wallets are available in plenty of sizes and shapes that suit every need and necessity of women. There are tri-fold wallets, bi-fold wallets as well as long and sleek wallets that live as per your expectation. 

We are sure that these reasons will definitely compel you to pick your favourite wallet today itself. The best wallets for women have managed to grab large eyeballs of the female audience due to their fashionable design and structure. What are you waiting for? Add the best one to your cart and get organised right away. 


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1. Why should women use a wallet?
A wallet helps women to locate their monetary essentials in less time. They are widely popular due to their versatility and trendy design. Be it cash or card, women can easily locate them and need not to bother about their belongings.

2. What aspects should one consider before buying a wallet?
A woman must be aware about the purpose of purchasing a wallet. Before you invest in them, analyse their quality, durability, dimensions, texture and convenience. Easy accessibility of the monetary essentials is much required.

3. Where can I carry a wallet?
You can carry a wallet almost everywhere. Be it a casual or formal meeting, a wallet will be your forever companion. You can also snag clutches to team up with your ethnic outfits.

4. Which is the best wallet for women?
There are a wide range of wallets that manage to make their space in the list of best wallets for women. Speaking about the wallet brands, Caprese, Baggit, Lavie, Esbeda, Urban Forest and Lino Perros are at the top of the wishlist of the people.

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