Buying monsoon footwear? Here's why you should invest in a pair of rain boots

With a pair of gumboots, you can splash in the water without worrying about getting your feet wet and you can look fashionable while you're at it. This is the one investment that is totally worth it.
Buying monsoon footwear? Here's why you should invest in a pair of rain boots
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Monsoon is the time of the year when you see water all around you. In this moist and wet weather, staying stylish is a very difficult task. And the worst part is our choice of footwear. We're all forced to give up our expensive chic footwear and invest in a pair of cheap and durable waterproof flats or sandals. But they don't usually go with our style and often look out of place. They bring down our style quotient and look like a disaster. It kills our style and the cute and trendy dresses that we wear. This is where gumboots come to our rescue. They're not only attractive to look at, but they're also an important part of our fashionable closet. It's a great addition to all of our footwear collection.

This is why we all need to invest in a pair.

1. Rainboots or gumboots as they're called are a great way to protect your feet from dirty water. Monsoon leads to water-logging. We often end up coming in contact with dirty water that is full of bacteria and germs that can affect our feet and lead to a skin infection like a fungal infection. It also keeps your feet from feeling damp and protects it from all kinds of water-borne diseases.

2. Gumboots are available in multiple colors and prints. You can pick something of your choice and invest in a pair. They come in a number of different colors and you can invest in floral prints and plaids and polka dots as per your personal style and taste.

3. They also come in different patterns like tie up boots and knee-high boots and even ankle boots. You can buy as per the trend and requirement.  A pair of floral tie up boots look very pretty and you can also protect your pants from getting wet if you invest in a pair of knee-high gumboots.

4. The amp up your style quotient. They look very chic and make you stand out. They help you make a style statement during the monsoon season when people try to cover up and wear the most boring outfits and footwear that they know will probably get destroyed.

5. They're very affordable, durable and it will last you for a lot longer than any other monsoon footwear. 

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