Fashion Advice: Every woman needs to avoid THESE saree mistakes

Wearing a drape can be a great feeling and you can always look sensational in a classy drape but one wrong move with your saree can make it something that awakens the fashion police!
Fashion Advice: Every woman needs to avoid THESE saree mistakes
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A drape is one of the best silhouettes one can ever find. Every woman can look stunning in an ensemble like a beautiful saree. This traditional attire has been around for ages and is one of the most loved outfits in the market. Every woman of every size and shape and colour can drape a saree and look gorgeous. This traditional ensemble has become of the most loved looks in the market today and all the B-town leading ladies are heading this saree brigade.

With changing trends and styles this traditional attire has also been touched by the latest fashion and it has now become a lot more than just a simple saree. Today we see people wearing dhoti sarees and palazzo sarees and whatnot. There are numerous styles in blouses as well with women sporting bandeau blouses to shirt to sporty blouses to bralette blouses which look uber-chic. Gone are the days of a simple sober saree with a regular blouse. But in the middle of all of this, we often miss out on little things that can make our outfit look like a total disaster. We all make mistakes but one wrong move with a saree can be a fashion disaster and also open us up to the possibility of a disastrous wardrobe malfunction.

Here are some saree sins that every woman needs to beware of:

1. While we all love a fancy blouse, it's also important to remember that the fitting of your blouse plays a major role in how you look. An ill-fitted blouse can be disastrous and make you look shabby and tacky. Ensure that your blouse fits right and you wear the right bra with it.

2. Most of us fail to pay attention to the petticoat. The wrong petticoat means your saree may not look the way it should. Ensure that you invest in an underskirt that is of the right material and colour as per your saree.

3. Don't try to look sizzling like Priyanka Chopra in Desi Girl by wearing your saree too low. If you're draping a saree and want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, we recommend wearing it at the correct height and nothing too high or too low because it can lead to a fashion disaster.

4. Be very careful with your pleats. Take your own sweet time to drape a saree and drape it right. Fold your pleats right and ensure that they don't look messy or untidy or shabby. This can spoil your ensemble and make the most elegant drape look tacky and messy.

5. Be very careful with the safety pins you use. Don't use too many or too little and don't forget to conceal all the pins with the fabric of your drape. Using too many safety pins can also put your beautiful drape at the risk of tearing.

6. Don't forget to pay attention to your pallu. Most sarees have a different pallu and it needs to be draped right to look the best. Don't forget to fold and pleat your pallu neatly or simply drape it right and pin it up properly. You don't want to make the mistake of not pinning up your pallu.

7. Don't forget to pick a pair of comfortable footwear with your saree. Especially if you're not used to wearing a saree. Unlike a lehenga, you cannot hide your footwear in a saree and it's very important to pick something which looks great and is comfortable at the same time.

8. Another thing to keep in mind while draping a saree is its length. Your saree should not look too short or too long. You cannot have your saree falling below like a trail because it's something that you have draped and there are chances of it opening. You also don't want it to be too short in length and look like you're wearing a borrowed saree!

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