Fashion Essentials: 7 items every woman MUST carry in her bag

A woman's bag is not less than a pandora's box. You can find everything in a woman's bag. But at times, we ladies forget to keep the most essential things in our bag. And in order to help you remember those things, we have curated a list of essentials that every woman should have in her bag.
Fashion Essentials: 7 items every woman MUST carry in her bagFashion Essentials: 7 items every woman MUST carry in her bag
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When it comes to bags, all of us love our bags. Be it a small crossbody bag or a tote bag, you'll never see a woman without a bag. The bag is like our second home, and we carry the entire world in our bag. But at times, we carry unwanted stuff while missing out on the stuff that our bag should have. These kinds of stuff are not only essential, but they act as a saviour in times of emergencies. 


So if you love your bag as I do, then make sure that you carry all these things in your bag. These things are basic but are necessary, and hence should be present in every woman's handbag. 


Sanitary Napkins/ Tampons:


Well, this is the most important thing that a woman should have in her handbag. You never know when those periods knock the door and hence having a sanitary napkin is a must. If not you, someone else might need it, and you can be a saviour to that person. 




Tissues can not only help you to wipe your face and hands, but they are quite handy when you have to dust off some extra lipstick or some extra powder from your skin. 


Lip balm:


If you are a working woman, then you know that the AC in your office can make your lips dry. So carry a lip balm that takes care of your dry chapped lips, and gives them a plump. Get one that's a bit tinted for those effortless rosy lips. 




Puffy eyes? Blemishes that are too visible? Then don't forget to carry to a concealer. A concealer can not only help you correct your makeup, but it's small and easy to apply. You don't need much makeup products if you have your concealer on you. 




Accessories can add some glam to your outfits, and hence carrying hoops, and a bracelet can do wonders if you have to go for an unplanned party. These accessories come handy when there's a random party, and you don't have a party dress on. Just throw on some accessories, and you'll be good to go.


Extra scrunchies:


Yes, we all have a habit of leaving our hair loose, but sometimes the weather becomes unbearable, and we can't help but tie our hair up. And in such a situation, scrunchies come handy. Now, what if you end up losing the only scrunchie you have? That'll not only make your hair uncomfortable, but all that sweat will also make you angry, so carrying at least 2-3 scrunchies is a good option. 


Safety pins:


Safety pins come to a major rescue when that hook or button breaks down while you are in the office or a meeting. It not only helps you secure the outfit but also acts as a saviour when you have no other option. Safety pins not only help with outfits, but they can also help with shoes and bags when its zip breaks. 


So ladies, don’t forget to stack these in your bag right away. 

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