Fashion Hacks: 6 ways to deal with heels and make them more comfortable

Love wearing heels, but they cost you your back and knees? Then follow these simple hacks and you'll be able to bear your heels all the day long. These hacks will not only rest your feet but will also help you with your back pain.
Fashion Hacks: 6 ways to deal with heels and make them more comfortableFashion Hacks: 6 ways to deal with heels and make them more comfortable
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Pairing heels with any basic top and jeans can enhance your outfit. Heels not only add more value to your outfit, but they can also make a dull outfit look interesting. But not all heels are comfortable. Yes, they are stylish, but at times, we have to pay a price for that style. Backache, blisters, swollen ankle and neck pain occur if you are not comfortable with your heels. 


Some people choose to ignore the pain caused by heels and don't do much about it. If you are uncomfortable with your heels, then here are a few things that you can do to make your heels bearable. If heels are a priority and necessity, making them as comfortable as possible is key to being happy and stylish. So if you love your heels and want to wear them everyday then follow these tips right away. 


Concentrate on your walk:


A walk in your trainers is not similar to walk-in your heels. So you need to rest your body more when you wear your heels. Engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe to give your feet the best chance possible.


Get comfortable in your heels:


Whenever you purchase any heels, before wearing them out, wear them indoors by pulling on a pair of thick socks and walking around in them for a few hours. It will stretch all the areas that otherwise might pinch your feet.


Pick the right shoe:


I know this sounds silly, but every foot is different and hence buying shoes as per your feet is necessary. For example, if you have a wide toes, then pointed shoes pinch and if your feet are flat so anything higher than a 3-inch heel aches. So it's advisable to buy heels as per your feet. 


Buy shoes with built-in padding or platforms:


If your heels have built-in padding then you don't have to worry about walking for hours in heels. The padding helps absorb the shock when your foot hits the ground each time you take a step. If you're wearing a higher heel, then make sure that your shoe has a platform. The platform not only saves your foot but will also keep that pain away from you. 


Carry bandages with you always:


This is the most important thing to do. If you are prone to having shoe bites now and then, then you should carry some bandages with you always. Whenever you feel uncomfortable you can use this bandage to bid adieu to your blisters. 

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