Getting a haircut? Mistakes you should NEVER make while getting a cut

Have you ever sat on the chair in the salon and watched your stylist give you the worst cut ever but weren't able to do anything about it? Here's how you can ensure that it never happens again!
Getting a haircut? Mistakes you should NEVER make while getting a cut Getting a haircut? Mistakes you should NEVER make while getting a cut
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It is recommended by the best beauticians and stylists that getting a trim or a hair cut every two months is extremely important. It keeps the hair healthy and ensures that there are no split ends and your hair looks healthy and glossy. Have you ever sat in a stylist's chair and watched your hair been snipped off? Do you always manage to walk out with a cringe-worthy hair cut and can't wait to put an end to this terrible streak? Here are some hair tips you should follow before heading out for a new do.

Don't cut off too much, too soon
If you are opting for a drastic change with your hair, do it with baby steps. Don't go from waist-length hair to a bob in just one go because hair does take longer to grow out than chop off. It can also end up looking disastrous and not suit your face. 

Consider your hair texture before switching up your style
If have voluminous hair and you are opting for a layered cut, it might not end up looking as great and make for too much volume. It is advisable to listen to your stylist and take their opinion when you are going for a new do. Stylists are trained to know and understand different types of hair texture and generally predict the outcome well. 

Take into consideration your face shape
Like when it comes to fashion you consider your body type before picking out an outfit, when it comes to getting a new do, keep in mind your face shape. Yes, it is good if you have a picture for reference when you are telling your stylist what kind of cut you want, but also understand that the same cut might not look as great or flatter you like it does for the model because of your different face shape. 

Don't be afraid to speak up
You may not want to be that nagging customer but would you rather be thought of as nagging than walk around with a bad haircut? Don't be afraid to speak up when you are sitting in the chair. If you are feeling worried, voice your concern and worry and if you are with a good stylist, they will ensure that it all goes the way you want. And if you have questions, ask them! Hairdressers never shy away from giving advice about your hair. 

Go back if you are unhappy
If you are not satisfied with your new cut, see it cut unevenly, don't hesitate from going back to the dresser and telling them to do it your way. Explain it politely and most often, there is a way to fix the worst hair cut if done within two weeks. Most places even offer this for free because they'd rather have their clients happy than losing them to another salon. 

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