Happy Holi 2019: Hassle free hairstyles to flaunt this Holi day

Check out these easy hairstyles you can confidently pull off on Holi day. Play Holi completely hassle-free!
Holi,Style Tips,hairstyle,holi 2019 Happy Holi 2019: Hassle free hairstyles to flaunt this Holi day
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Holi hai! You all must be super pumped up to embrace the beautiful and crazy festival of colours. Holi is definitely one such holiday that we all look forward to every single year. Now, you don't want your shiny locks to come in the way when you're having a ball of a time do you? Most of us just assume it’s alright to leave our hair open during the celebrations, but doing this will only damage your hair further. So, here are a couple of easy hairstyles that you could pick from to keep your hair safe and in place during Holi.

Double buns

These are also known as Mickey buns; a quirky take on hair buns, where there a two buns on both sides looks cute and serves the purpose too. For this style, part your hair into two equal sections and comb through all the knots. Then, begin with either sides and tie a ponytail, a high or low one, as per your preference. Then wrap your hair around the hair-tie and tie it up again. Do the same for the other side. This way your hair is kept in place and you can have a lot of hassle free fun!

Double buns

The slick bun

One of the best way to take care of your hair before getting into the colour play is to apply a lot of oil. This means that you can easily pull off a slick bun in style. To start with, after oiling your hair, pull it back into a neat ponytail. Now, make a bun by twisting the ponytail and secure it with U-pins or a hair tie. This will ensure that the least amount of hair is exposed to colours and the oil will minimise their effect.

High ponytail  

A high ponytail can be a simple one or you can alter it in your own way. For instance, after tying your hair into a high ponytail, braid it into a regular plait. To add some more style to this, loosen the braid a little for a ‘bubble’ effect.

High ponytail

Ponytail braid

To make a ponytail braid, divide your hair into three small sections from the crown area. Braid all three sections and secure it with a rubber band. Gather all your hair including the braids over the crown. Now, take a rubber band and make a ponytail. Secure the braids on the side using bobby pins.

The classic top-knot

If you have long hair and you definitely don't want to leave it open, this hairstyle is for you. Begin with tying a high ponytail and then wrap the rest of the hair around the hair tie and you’re done! For a cleaner look, add a

bandana or a hair band.


The classic top-knot bun


Which one did you like the best and will be flaunting this Holi? Comment below and let us know.

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