High waist jeans that will sculpt your curves beautifully

Here is the list of high waist jeans that will help you accentuate your fashion sense to the maximum.

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High waist jeans that will sculpt your curves beautifully
High waist jeans that will sculpt your curves beautifully

Jeans have undergone a drastic transformation in the contemporary era. Right from their fit types, waist bands to patterns and cuts everything has managed to grab the attention of the majority of the people who are inclined towards purchasing denim stuff. With plenty of options available, high waist jeans bags the title of most loved jeans of the era. What are your biggest motivators to buy high waist jeans? Off beat style. Distinctive pattern. Fabrication. Never ending comfortness. Timeless look. These motivators pretty much sum up the desire to buy high waist jeans at the earliest.

The emerging fashion stylists and designers have begun to design jeans in such a way that outrightly fits in every fashion-headed woman’s closet. We are sure you might be intrigued to buy high waist jeans for umpteen reasons. Of course! The increasing trends of crop tops, tank tops and the ability of the jean’s waistband to sit on the torso are one of the biggest magnets. On the other hand, high waist jeans sculpt your curves beautifully. It defines your peach seamlessly allowing you to frolic around with whooping swag and style. 

Meanwhile after surviving through the dreadful storm of Covid 19, it is difficult to slip out of your pajamas and get into body hugging apparels like skinny jeans. In order to deal with such situations, high waist jeans with a baggy appearance have managed to provide pleasant solutions. 

Types of high waist jeans

To satisfy all sorts of comfort levels of each and every woman, numerous types of jeans have been crafted by the skilled craftsmen. Each jeans has distinctive features to serve everything that a woman is looking for in her high waist jeans.There are numerous styles of high waist jeans which you cannot resist to buy this season.

1. High waisted straight leg jeans

2. High waist boot cut jeans

3. High waist wide leg jeans 

4. High waisted baggy jeans

5. High waisted ripped jeans

6. Ultra high waisted jeans

7. High rise skinny jeans

All these types of high waist jeans have immense power to wash all the women over with. With neat stitching, intricate design and alluring structure makes every high rise jean unique from the rest. No matter how many jeans you have in your closet, too many high waist jeans are also not enough. 

Here are a few more things that you need to look at before kick starting your shopping haul. 

Leg styles of high waist jeans 

If you are confused and wondering about the leg styles, have a quick look at the below list. We are sure that you can now solve your confusion and make up your mind to choose the most suitable one for your body types.

1. Ankle

2. Bootcut

3. Cropped

4. Flared

5. Skinny

6. Straight

7. Tapered

8. Trouser

9. Wide

These are the most common terms that describe the style of high waist jeans better. In what sizes are these jeans available? Scroll down to check it out.

Special sizes for high waist jeans

Every woman is unique and so is their body type. Every body type requires special attention and so you need to understand your figure to pick the right pair of high waist jeans. The special sizes available are as follows: 

1. Big and Tall

2. Husky

3. Juniors

4. Petite

5. Plus Size

With the types of high waist jeans, leg styles and special size, you can half way through to your one stop shopping destination- Amazon. It is the go-to place where you can find anything and everything that you need. Before that, why should you invest in high waist jeans? Get to know the top 10 reasons to buy and love high waist jeans. 

Reasons to buy a high waist jeans

Here are the top 10 reasons why you will love and drool over high waist jeans. They are not only ready to help you in sashaying down the street but will also never let you slip out of them. 

1. High waist jeans have a hint of stretchability and elasticity. 

2. They sit above your belly button and define your curves.

3. They don't make you unconscious when you sit. 

4. The fitting type and fabric adds an additional layer of comfort. 

5. The jeans manage to sculpt your curves and especially highlight your butt and hips.

6. They never bother you about the exposure of the natal cleft. 

7. It lifts your legs.

8. They make you look taller than your actual height. 

9. They help you control your muffin top. 

10. High waist jeans with wider legs help you to hide your flaws. 

If you say a NO to high waist jeans you are at great loss. These reasons are so acceptable and believed to be true that you just cannot wait to add some high waist jeans to your wardrobe. Buckle up! There are no excuses or negative markings for high waist jeans that will take you a step back. Get your high waist jeans home today itself and revamp your closet effortlessly. 

Best High waist jeans

Without further ado, let’s delve into your future lookbook of high waist jeans. We are sure you cannot hold your horses to make the best high waist jeans yours. Disclaimer! The below-mentioned jeans are going to make you drool like never before.You can not just pick one or two but will feel to pick them all. And who is going to stop you from doing that. You can definitely be selfish here.

1. Cheryl Co Womens Casual Jeans High Waist Wide Leg Denim

These wide leg denim jeans are also known as boyfriend pants. It has a cotton blend fabric. It is a stretchy high waist jeans to provide you the freedom of movement and relaxation. These high waisted jeans have a flared leg opening and at the top feature a skinny style. Through hip and thigh they hug your body whereas the combination of this loose and skinny style doesn't make the jeans lose its original shape. These flare pants come with a straight fit to create a slimming and lengthening butt lifted look.

Price: USD 39.99

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2. Vibrant Womens Juniors Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans

This pair of skinny jeans is a must have high waist jeans if you wish to flaunt your curves and sculpt your peach to the fullest. The skinny denim jeans run true to size and thus serving you with the necessary comfort that your body type needs. On the other hand, it features 2 faux pockets in the front and 2 open pockets at the back. In the front it has a zip fly and button closure.

Price: USD 29.97

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3. Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Amanda Classic High Rise Tapered Jean

This tapered jeans is what defines versatility. It is a high rise jeans that sits at a natural waistline. It comes with functional pockets, easy zipper fly, belt loops and slight taper leg for achieving the fit you love. You can complete your OOTD effortlessly as these jeans go well with all the tops. Right from fashionable to basic T-shirts to all types of footwear such as stylish boots, heels and sneakers, this high waist jeans will be your all time favorite. 

Price: USD 25.00

Deal: USD 20.02

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4. Levi's Women's Ribcage Straight Ankle Jeans

This pair of straight ankle jeans are something that you must voucha t the earliest. The styling, structure, subtle appearance and high waistline will help you achieve modern as well as modest looks. This jeans is finished with a classic straight leg and a cut-off hem. It has a super high rise and a flattering pattern at the bottom. The button closure will also help you to define your waist better. 

Price: USD 37.50

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5. MYOURSA Women's Straight Wide Leg High Waist Jeans

This pair of jeans has a loose fit and a raw hem. It offers maximum comfort and a vintage style to flaunt throughout the day. The khaki colour denim is made from pure cotton denim. It is a light weight jeans that is sturdy and durable to wear. It is not prone to fadings and colour loss. It is utmost comfortable for daily use that can be teamed up with a T-shirt or fancy tops. This pair of jeans will give you a cool feeling of baggy jeans that have a thin cloth, raw hem cutting making it a great pair of jeans for flaunting it during spring to summer.

Price: USD 37.95

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6. SweatyRocks Women's High Waisted Stretch Ripped Jeans 

This high waisted ripped jeans is a skinny jeans that you can choose for making your curves more defining. It has a distressing front and hence it will not be wrong to call it distressed denim pants. This pair of jeans don't loosen up post wash and stretch magnificently even after several uses. These are literally the most comfortable and sexy pants that you will ever own.

Price: USD 23.99

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7. Wrangler Women's Retro High Rise Trouser Green Jean

Wrangler Women's Retro High Rise Trouser Green Jean fits through the seat and thigh. It opens to a wide trouser leg at the knee. It is a classic retro style jeans with a sustainable design. It is a 100 percent polyester free denim and made up from multiple natural fibers.If you wish to maintain an effortless classic style with a touch of retro, then high waisted jeans should be your first pick. 

Price: USD 74.99

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8. Floerns Women's Solid High Waist Mom Denim Jeans

This mom denim jeans is a unique piece of fashion. It has a non-stretch fabric but provides enough space for your skin to breathe. It is one type of straight leg pants that you can wear throughout the day. Be it a casual party, picnic or outdoor trips, this jeans will definitely offer you the yearning comfortness. 

Price: USD 38.99

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9. Genleck Wide Leg Jeans for Women

This Genleck Wide Leg Jeans for Women is actually one of the best high waisted, loose and long baggy denim jeans for office and casual wear. It features classic five pockets and zipper fly closure for maximum comfortness. It has a soft and comfortable fabric material and leaves no space for any complaints. This pair of jeans is also regarded as mom jeans. It has a non stretch fabric due to its loose and baggy leg style. The design of this pair of jeans will enhance your body shape and help you to bid adieu to muffin tops. 

Price: USD 39.99

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10. Vibrant Women's Juniors High Rise Button Fly Flare Jeans

This pair of jeans might look pricey but they are worth every penny. If you are tethering in buying the best high waist jeans for yourself then these flare jeans will make you free from all negative notions. This pair of jeans is all that delivers utter comfort and style. The colour of the jeans doesn't fade after a number of washes, thus it will accompany you for years to come. 

Price: USD 33.69

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11. Levi's Women's Premium Wedgie Icon Fit Jeans

Levi's Women's Premium Wedgie Icon Fit Jeans snug through hip and thigh. The premium quality of the jeans elevates the iconic styles of high rise jeans with its quality that will stand the test of time. The style, pattern, fine stitching is something that will make you obsessed once you buy these jeans. It is an ankle length jeans that perfectly sits on the waistline and delivers sheer comfort. For making your booty look fantastic, grab this pair of jeans without any second thoughts.

Price: USD 50.70

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12. Women's Classic Denim Jeans Wide Leg Elastic High Waist Drawstring Pants with Pockets

This pair of classic denim jeans is something that you will definitely love. If you don't like the button fly closure of the majority of the jeans then you must pay heed to this type of high waist jeans for yourself. It comes with a drawstring at the waist that will prevent your belly from being smoosh. It is made up from 100 percent cotton. This pair of jeans is super comfortable due to its high quality fabric. It is breathable, soft and skin friendly. It neither causes wrinkles while you sit or sit. 

Price: USD 34.99

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13. SweatyRocks Women's High Waist Slant Pocket Denim Jeans

These ripped straight leg pants are perfect to match with crop tops, T-shirts or any top that you like. These pants are available in multiple colours to suit every woman's choice. It offers a nice and a comfortable fitting at the hips, butts and hugs the body seamlessly. These pants also sit on your torso and don't make you feel uneasy while sitting. Speaking about the ripped style at the knees, it adds a funky touch to the denims. 

Price: USD 24.99

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14. KUNMI Womens Curvy High Waist Stretch Butt Lifting Skinny Colombian Jeans

These skinny high waist jeans keep your look sleek and sophisticated. It will add a flattering curve to your peach and make you look like a true fashionista. Are you looking for a pair of women’s denim pants that will enhance and show off your bootylicious curves? Pick KUNMI Womens Curvy High Waist Stretch Butt Lifting Skinny Colombian Jeans straight away. It has a stretchable fabric and soft material. 

Price: USD 36.99

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15. Lee Women's High Rise Mini Flare Jean

These mini flare jeans feature a high-rise with a slim fit style that hugs your curves. Hitting just above the waist, these pants provide your outfit with a classic look and flatter from every angle. It has a stretchable fabric and legendary details. Make a statement in high waisted jeans constructed with finest details and style. 

Price: USD 39.90

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What are you looking at? We know that you are drooling over them all, but all you can do is add them to your cart or else you will regret later. Online shopping is like a now or never opportunity. You either pick them for yourself immediately or you have to sacrifice them forever. And these high waist jeans are worth every penny and style. Get ready to woo the boys with these beauties that will help you sculpt your curves better. Do let us know which one you are picking to take your fashion statements up a notch. Wave a goodbye to low waist jeans and welcome high waist jeans with a wide grin on your face. 

Before that make sure you consider the following crucial aspects especially if you are a fussy shopper. 

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a high waist jeans: 

Note down some important things that you should look for in yoru high waist jeans. The three S will help you pick the best for yourself. The three S are size range, stretch and style. When it comes to bottoms like high waist jeans, these three S will help you to make better purchasing decisions.

1. Make sure that the buttons or any kind of closure is properly secured. 

2. Look for the infirmity in the stitching of the jeans and its pockets.

3. Check if there are any loose threads or brittle stitching that can break or wash out after use. 

4. The overall stitches of the jeans must have close ends. 

5. Ensure that the high waist jeans are neatly constructed with the right kind of fabric.

6. There should not be any stain or the design of material and shade of the fabric should not look patchy. All jeans do not have a uniform shade of colour and thus it is okay if you pick a unique shade of denim fabric that gives you a rugged look. 

7. Make sure that the jeans are designed especially according to your body type and measurements. The jeans should neither be too tight nor too loose. 

8. Check for the strength and durability of the fabric in order to understand the comfort level. 

9. Once you wear jeans, carry out frequent trials of begging and engaging in activities. You can test the quality of your jeans and its durability by sitting, running, stretching as well as jogging.

10. Look if the buttons of the jeans are made up of good quality since they are considered to be the major reason behind the overall fitting style of the high waist jeans. 

These top 10 things should be kept in mind before picking the best high waist jeans for yourself. If you are new to the high waist jeans craze, pick one and we are sure that you cannot resist yourself from buying more. Remember! Your high waist jeans should always make you feel good and look good.


1. Can high waist jeans make me feel uncomfortable while sitting? 

High waist jeans sit snugly on your waistline. If you choose extremely tight high waist jeans it might make you feel comfortable. Thus, it is recommended to pick high waist jeans that do not pinch your skin or pop your muffin top. Choose jeans that are comfortable and not too tight. The fabric of the jeans should be stretchable orelse your stomach will be smooshed. 

2. Which type of jeans can cover belly fat? 

If you wish to cover your belly fat, then make sure that you pick mid or high waist jeans. Such types of jeans offer enough room and ensure that your muffin top doesn't hang out. It offers sheer support and comfort to cover your belly fat. If you are more concerned about your belly then the perfect high waist jeans will smoosh it without making you feel bloated. 

3. What can one wear with high waist jeans? 

One can team up fancy crop tops, button down shirts, tees, bodysuits, halter tops, tank tops and blouses with high waist jeans. One can also wear oversized T-shirts and tuck in their tops for utmost fashion. You can pair almost anything with high waist jeans and frolic around in utmost merriment. When you wish to pair your bootcut high waist jeans always remember that you should never choose anything that is too baggy and has extremely flowy sleeves or cuts. Short sleeve tops with minimal sleeve detailing are a perfect match for bootcut jeans.

4. What kind of footwear should one wear with high waist jeans? 

After sliding into the high waist jeans one must complete her look with the help of boots, sneakers, heels, slip ons, slippers as well as sandals. If your jeans are high on the length make sure you pick heels, platform heels or wedges rather than chopping the extra length off. Chopping or altering the jeans might hamper the original style of your jeans. High waist jeans are just like normal jeans giving you the freedom to team any type of footwear. 

5. What are the types of high waist jeans available for purchase? 

There is no exact figure of the types of high waist jeans available for purchase. With every passing day, new styles of jeans are being invented. These jeans are crafted according to the likes and dislikes of the women living in the modern world. Most commonly found types of high waist jeans are straight leg jeans, high waist boot cut jeans, high waist wide leg jeans, high waisted baggy jeans, high waisted ripped jeans, ultra high waisted jeans and high rise skinny jeans.

6. What aspects should one consider before purchasing a high waist jeans? 

Before purchasing high waist jeans, one must analyse their body type and structure. Secondly, one must also consider their needs of comfort and skin friendly fabric. Once you note down all the mentioned things, measure your waist, thighs and overall length. Make sure you choose jeans that are a little bit bigger than the original size, so when you sit, the high waist type won't make you uneasy. 

7. Which is the best jeans to uplift butts? 

If you are looking for jeans that will help you uplift butts then look for high waist jeans. They deliver everything that you need to sculpt your curves effortlessly. High waist jeans also make you look taller and body your things without causing any discomfort. Such types of jeans also have a varied leg style and pattern. Each pattern fulfills the needs of the women who wish to uplift her butts wby picking up the right denims. 

8. Which jeans should petite people pick? 

If you body type is petite, then you must pick high waist jeans with bootcut or wide legged style. They will hide all of your flaws and make you look tall. Always skip skinny or tight jeans as your pettiness might be highlighted even more. To stand out in glory and cover all the features that make you look petite, slip into the sheer comfort of high waist jeans. 

9. What are the different types of leg styles found in high waist jeans? 

There are in total 9 common leg styles that have managed to grab maximum attention of the female audience. There is ankle, bootcut, cropped, flared, skinny, straight, tapered, trouser and wide legged jeans that helps women to team up any kind of tops. 

10. What body parts should one measure to buy high waist jeans? 

Before purchasing high waist jeans, you must understand your body type and structure. If you miss any important aspects of your body and the jeans then you will be in a fix. The jeans might be too tight or too loose and thus pave the way for discomfort. There are certain body parts that you should measure before purchasing a pair of jeans for a perfect fit. First, you have to measure your waist, high hip, low hip, front rise, and the length. 

11. Why should one buy high waist jeans? 

There are plenty of reasons to love high waist jeans. You can purchase one for an off beat style and setting some really high fashion statements. The distinctive patterns, fabrication, never ending comfortness, timeless look and versatility makes it a must have fashion apparel in every women’s wardrobe.  

12. Which jeans can cover muffin tops? 

Muffin top is the layer of belly fat that extends horizontally at the waistline. A muffin top is generally visible when one slips into extremely tight jeans or too tight a waistband. In order to cover your body’s muffin tops, you must pick high waist jeans. They are the best solution to hide your flaws, especially belly fats. 

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