15 Best joggers for women that are everything sporty and comfy

Are you looking for comfortable outfits to lay out some bold styles casually? Here are the best joggers for women who wish to set flawless fashion statements on a casual day. We kid you not, these joggers are a perfect blend of fashion with comfort.

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15 Best joggers for women that are everything sporty and comfy
15 Best joggers for women that are everything sporty and comfy
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Women strive hard to find outfits that serve them with the comfort levels of their dreams. Be it denims, midi dresses, cotton suits or ethnic wear, nothing can live upto the comfort levels, flexibility, stretchability like the joggers for women do. With the increase in the buzz of athleisure wear, joggers have gained maximum attention since they are no longer meant for gym but also a perfect pick to spend time casually and publically. Today, we bring to you the best collection of joggers so that you can join the athleisure bandwagon without much effort.  

Our top picks of the best joggers for women 

1. Jockey Women's Slim Jogger- Buy Now

2. Van Heusen Athleisure Gym Joggers- Buy Now

3. Tommy Hilfiger Women's Logo Jogger Pant- Buy Now

4. Adidas Women's Joggers- Buy Now

5. Puma Women Train Flawless Fitted Jogger- Buy Now

6. The Souled Store Women's Regular Fit Joggers- Buy Now

7. UZARUS Women's Slim Fit Joggers- Buy Now

8. Q-rious Women's Relaxed Fit Trousers- Buy Now

9. Craft Darbar Women's Full Sleeve Jogger Set- Buy Now

10. Viso the face Tie and Dye Jogger with Baggy T-Shirt- Buy Now

In this article 

1. How to complete your look with joggers on?

2. Difference between sweatpants, track pants and joggers for women

3. Joggers for women

- Branded joggers

- Casual Joggers

- Jogger sets 

4. Reasons to buy joggers

Women need not slip into dresses and enthic wear throughout the year especially if they love everything that is baggy and most importantly breezy. In addition to this, any garment tailored from skin-friendly and breathable fabric is highly appreciated by the majority of women. The sporty, comfy and chic vibe that joggers offer is immeasurable. 

How to complete your look with joggers on? 

To complete your look with utmost ease, you need the following.. 

Women of course need something that is relaxing and helps them to be themselves when the clock screams anything but CASUAL! Wait what? Confused between sweatpants and joggers? We have got you covered! Scroll down and check out the difference between them.

Difference between sweatpants, track pants and joggers for women

In addition to joggers for women and their types like cargo joggers, denim joggers, slim-fit joggers, relaxed fit joggers, sweatpants and track pants add up the already existing confusion. To help you understand better, here is a closer look. 

Sweatpants: Sweatpants are tailored from thick fabric. They are ideal picks for winters or cold weather. They offer warmth and absorb sweat. They are usually worn while carrying out athletic activities and workouts.These warm trousers are worn on different occasions so as to keep you comfortable and sporty. Sweatpants are tapered towards the bottom. 

Trackpants: Track pants are similar to joggers. They are crafted from soft and light weight fabrics perfect for everyday use. They are wrinkle free and worn for track events. They are lighter than sweatpants and capable of absorbing sweat. Track pants are used largely for lounging.

Joggers: Joggers usually have a slimmer fit. They are light in weight, body hugging and breathable. They are worn during physical activities as well as to pass leisurely time in utmost relaxation. They generally have a cinched ankle design. They are tailored from stretchy fabric. 

Joggers for women

It is the time to shop for the comfiest joggers for women who are planning to ditch denims and anything that restricts them from frolicing around in utmost comfortness. Roll your eyes over and scroll your fingers to snatch the glimpse of the comfortable fashion pieces. For a better and easier shopping experience we have divided joggers into three types. They are: 

A. Branded joggers

B. Casual joggers

C. Jogger sets

Without much delay, let us dive into the world of trendy, sporty, comfy and chic joggers for women.

A. Branded joggers

1. Jockey Women's Slim Jogger

These joggers for women are tailored from cotton elastane and French terry fabric. The comfortable waistband comes with a drawstring so as to live upto your comfort levels. It has convenient zipper pockets and a slim fit. 

Why pick Jockey Women's Slim Jogger? 

Thes joggers define style with comfort. They are not too skinny nor too baggy. We love the fact that they are comfortable, cozy and crafted from fabric that is skin-friendly. Jockey truly never upsets you and so are these joggers for women. 


Price: Rs. 1,299

Buy Now

2. Van Heusen Athleisure Gym Joggers

These joggers offer you an athletic fit. These are one such joggers that serve you with all day comfort. Be it gym, casual meetings or a stroll, slide yourself into these joggers and slay your casual style with ease. 

Why pick Van Heusen Athleisure Gym Joggers?

These joggers are tailored from ultra soft fabric that is a blend of spandex and polyester. These joggers come with pockets to store your minimal belongings with ease. It absorbs moisture away from the skin and keeps you cool and skin dry. 


Price: Rs. 1,299

Deal: Rs. 1,049

Buy Now

3. Tommy Hilfiger Women's Logo Jogger Pant

These rich red Van Heusen Athleisure Gym Joggers are super rich in comfort and style. They are one such jogger that will last for years. You can easily team up a cool T-shirt and complete your look with the best shoes at the bottom. 

Why pick Tommy Hilfiger Women's Logo Jogger Pant?

This jogger pant from Tommy Hilfiger is everything that women love. They are casual, classy and deliver what they claim. With 5 out of 5 stars ratings, these joggers are a must-have especially in the summer and rainy season. 


Price: Rs. 6,232

Buy Now

4. Adidas Women's Joggers

Adidas Women's Joggers are similar to tights. They have a regular slim fit type and blended fabric. These joggers are crafted from good quality material to offer every type of comfort while you engage into your athleisure activities. 

Why pick Adidas Women's Joggers?

With 4.4 out of 5 stars ratings, these joggers are the go-getters to lay some bold styles in a casual way. The fabric, fitting and comfort offered by Adidas Women's Joggers makes it worth the penny. 


Price: Rs. 1,133

Buy Now

5. Puma Women Train Flawless Fitted Jogger

This slim fit jogger features an elastic waistband with drawcords for a perfect fit. Along with that, it also has highly compressive mesh inserts for breathability giving a layered look.

Why pick Puma Women Train Flawless Fitted Jogger?

This jogger is body hugging and helps you carry out your athleisure activities with ease. These pants are great for hindering around with friends and also for optimising your performance at the gym. 


Price: Rs. 4,999

Deal: Rs. 1,749

Buy Now

B. Casual Joggers 

1. The Souled Store Women's Regular Fit Joggers

These regular fit joggers will help you add a dash of funkiness to your casual look. It comes with pockets and cartoon prints at the sides. The mid rise and drawstring closure will help you to adjust the jogger according to your desired comfort levels. 

Why pick The Souled Store Women's Regular Fit Joggers?

These joggers are a perfect fit for all body types. It comes with high definition cartoon prints that highlight every single detail. These joggers are extremely comfortable and offer unrestricted movements. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 872

Buy Now

2. UZARUS Women's Slim Fit Joggers

These joggers are crafted from cotton. It has rear pockets that help you to store your small wallet safely. It also has an extra zipper pocket to hold your mobile phone. It comes with an elasticated waistband with drawstring to ensure customised fit. 

Why pick UZARUS Women's Slim Fit Joggers?

These joggers have a knitted fabric that allows your skin to breathe. It is a versatile jogger trackpact that is well-suited for gym, trekking, sports, running, jogging as well as loungewear.  


Price: Rs. 568

Buy Now

3. Q-rious Women's Relaxed Fit Trousers

These relaxed fit trousers are cargo joggers for women. It is tailored from premium cotton twill fabric. It comes with an elasticated waistband and a drawstring so that you don’t have to botter about the fitting of these joggers. 

Why pick Q-rious Women's Relaxed Fit Trousers? 

These joggers are especially designed to provide durability and endurance. The premium soft cotton twill fabric of this jogger makes it suitable for all year-round use.


Price: Rs. 449

Buy Now

4. STYLISH ARROW Women's Regular Fit Joggers

These STYLISH ARROW Women's Regular Fit Joggers are super breathable, sweat-absorbent and comfortable. This jigger will be a great pick for any kind of temperature. The fabric and regular fitting of these joggers makes it a must-have wardrobe piece. 

Why pick STYLISH ARROW Women's Regular Fit Joggers? 

These joggers are baggy and do not cause any harm to your skin. It allows your skin to breathe with its top quality fabric and impressive comfortability, flexibility and stretchability. 


Price: Rs. 400

Buy Now

5. Alan Jones Clothing Women's Solid Sports Joggers

These joggers are pre-washed joggers that provide comfort with strength. These joggers are perfect for everyday use and simple to maintain. It has an elasticated waistband and cuffs at the ankle for lighter movements. 

Why pick Alan Jones Clothing Women's Solid Sports Joggers?

The jogger’s cotton fabric ensures the maximum breathability and flexibility. It keeps your breezy no matter what weather it is. With 4 out of 5 stars ratings on Amazon, these joggers leave no space for disappointments. 


Price: Rs. 529

Buy Now

C. Jogger sets

1.Craft Darbar Women's Full Sleeve Jogger Set

This jogger set for women is all that you need to put an end to your mix and match jogger sessions. This set contains a full sleeves upper and a jogger pant. It is tailored from lycra and is a dry-fit suit that comes with two side pockets. This set keeps all your essential items safe while you are on-the-go or performing various exercises.

Why pick Craft Darbar Women's Full Sleeve Jogger Set? 

This jogger set is a best pick for all seasons. The premium quality fabric keeps you warm and cozy. If you are looking for a sporty stylish statement, then this set ensures greater flexibility and style with your every move. 


Price: Rs. 2,799

Deal: Rs. 1,199

Buy Now

2. Viso the face Tie and Dye Jogger with Baggy T-Shirt 

This tie and dye jogger set is a must have. It is funky, trendy and everything that you are looking for to stay in trend. It is crafted from pure cotton and keeps your comfortability throughout the day. 

Why pick Viso the face Tie and Dye Jogger with a Baggy T-Shirt?

Baggy T-shirts are high on trend and you will regret later if you miss on this jogger set. Complete your look with the best sneakers and make sure you slide into this relaxed jogger set at the earliest. 


Price: Rs. 1,999

Deal: Rs. 1,199

Buy Now

3. ZONOKA Jogger Set

This jogger set coems in a very comfortable, stretchable, soft and smooth fabric. You will love fabric and its skin-friendly texture. It comes with a high waist lower pant with one pocket and full sleeves printed stylish T-shirt. 

Why pick ZONOKA Jogger Set? 

This jogger set is a stylish casual tracksuit or jogger set suitable for many occasions that reads casual. The fabric doesn’t wear off easily and is softer on the skin. 


Price: Rs. 2,000

Deal: Rs. 679

Buy Now

4. BLANCD Women's BTS Full Sleeves Sweatshirt and Jogger Pant 

Love flaunting co-ord sets? Grab this BLANCD Women's BTS Full Sleeves Sweatshirt and Jogger Pant. It gives a fresh hit to your boring casuals. It has a regular fitting, deep ribbing and a slashed neckline that completes this set. What’s more? It serves you with 100 percent athleisure goals. 

Why pick BLANCD Women's BTS Full Sleeves Sweatshirt and Jogger Pant?

This jogger set contains a baggy sweatshirt and slim fit joggers for women. It is crafted from pure cotton to keep you fresh and comfortable all day. It is not less than an ultimate chilled fit. 


Price: Rs. 3,499

Deal: Rs. 1,699

Buy Now

5. Artemis Women Cotton Sweatshirt and Jogger

This Artemis Women Cotton Sweatshirt and Jogger are designed to keep you relaxed just the way you dream of. It offers the same amount of warmth and comfort. The ultra-soft joggers set bottom feature an elastic, drawstring waist so you can loosen them or tighten them as you want.

Why pick Artemis Women Cotton Sweatshirt and Jogger?

If you wish to add a pop of colour to your casual collection, then do not ignore this jogger set. It is perfect for traveling, gym, yoga and other physical activities. This set crafted from 100 percent cotton is something that will keep you comfortable and stylish at a single time. 


Price: Rs. 1,629

Deal: Rs. 789

Buy Now

Joggers for women have managed to gain large eyeballs due to their style, pattern, structure, fabric and comfort levels. Nothing can beat the comfort levels of joggers and jogger sets. 

Reasons to buy joggers

Here are a few reasons behind why you should vouch for the best joggers for women. Scroll down and check it out. 

1. They help you to burn calories.

2. They manage body heat well while engaging in rigorous activities. 

3. They offer comfortability, stretchability and flexibility while moving. 

4. They wick away moisture.

5. They keep you warm and protect your skin from sunburn. 

6. They help you engage in an effective warm up. 

7. They are great for athletic purposes. 

8. They are breathable and lighter. 

9. They never restrict movements. 

10. They are a blend of style with comfort. 

Right from tracksuits to sweatpants, joggers for women are found somewhere in the middle to fulfill your dreams of utmost relaxation, flexibility and comfortness that no denim can ever offer. 


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1. Where should I wear joggers?
You can wear joggers at the gym, casual meetings, picnics, while engaging in sporty activities, traveling or simply use it as loungewear.

2. What makes sweatpants, joggers and track suits different from each other?
The fabric and fit type makes sweatpants, joggers and track suits different from each other.

3. Who should wear joggers?
Joggers suit all body types. It depends on you and your fitting style. If you possess a straight fit figure then joggers will help in hiding your curves. If you wish to flaunt your hips and thighs then joggers with a tapered leg style is recommended.

4. Are joggers meant for men and women?
Yes. The styles, stitching, comfortability, structure and pattern of joggers differs according to the targeted audience. In the current era, men and women both wear joggers.

5. What style of joggers is popular today?
Jogger sets or co-ord jogger sets are popular today due to their style. In addition, printed and tie and dye jogger pants are widely recommended.

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