Less is more, pastels & easy layering: ALL the summer trends to watch out for according to designer Pubali Sen

Check out all the ruling trends for summer for when you can step out again!
Less is more, pastels & easy layering: ALL the summer trends to watch out for according to designer Pubali Sen Less is more, pastels & easy layering: ALL the summer trends to watch out for according to designer Pubali Sen
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As we wait for the flowers to bloom, to indulge in the dessert gluttony and force ourselves to run that extra mile to get “them sculpting abs”. The wait for the summer season is filled with excitement and people want to welcome it with style.  

With context to fashion, I feel that the consumers are discerning and cautious now, they not only want something which is trendy and stylish but also wants something which is perennial. People are aware of their duties as an Earthling and make a conscious effort in making their life choices. Today, sustainable fashion is inexorably superseding the fast fashion for all the right reasons.

Along with choosing sustainable clothing, this summer is going to be all about breezy clothing that doesn’t suffocate the body – from fabrics like cotton, chanderi or Khadi to Pastel colours like teal, lavender, peach, magic mint imbuing you with huge “vacay” vibes. White is going to be ruling the summer days this season, one doesn’t have to be walking down the aisle to carry this pristine colour from head to toe.

Dressing up for the special night to dance the troubles away or for that dreamy date night will be unfettered to the suffocating bodycon dresses or the backless tops and will emphasize on light fabrics coupled with intricate details which will immerse you with the Saturday night fever. Prints such as Polkas and Florals are going to dominate the night style for the summer of 2020. Inculcating them with airy fabrics which exudes comfort are at prime importance. These are an impeccable style which emanates sumptuousness.

To adorn your summer style further, accessorizing and layering in cotton or chiffon will add that extra oomph effect to your look while still allowing you to feel the breeze. Layering with a scarf or a stole completes the look by giving it a minimalistic yet fashionable look. Contemporary fusions are all set to stay and establish a place of their own in the fashion world. From outfits to now extending its presence to accessories as well, fusions seem highly prominent and chic. Pistachio silhouette with floral intricate designs and tassels to further adorn it seems to be an enthralling pick for this summer. This summer, Fashion is going to revolve around airy fabrics and comfort along with mindful choices.




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With my collections, I too try to keep the clothes highly utilitarian, anybody can carry them, with the “less is more” mantra ringing truer than ever to the collection. From Co-ords to all white sundresses, all the outfits are handmade with an attentive use of material, amalgamating with beads and mirror works truly signifying that you don’t have to sacrifice on the style quotient while adopting the sustainable route!

About the author: 

Pubali Sen is a fashion expert, designer and founder of The Woven Threads.

Anonymous 1 year ago

I wonder when we can all get to go out dressed up as we used to do 6 months back .