Light a diya with Jacqueline Fernandez and Imara

This Diwali believe in yourself and make your dreams come true
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Have you checked Imaras latest brand film featuring Jacqueline Fernandez yet? If not, then we suggest that you must do it now. Bollywood’s favourite beauty talks about how everyone should believe in themselves and never give up. Fernandez shares a leaf out of her life’s journey and reveals it beautifully in the video. Every girl while growing up, dreams her heart out, but somewhere along the way loses her belief, Jacqueline urges these very girls to never lose hope.

This stunner is the brand ambassador of Imara, a brand which defines true ‘belief’. A brand that is extremely trendy and exudes confidence. Jacqueline’s struggle story is an open book to the world and an inspiration to many. Ever since she was a little child, she was always fascinated with art, culture and glamour. It wasn’t an easy climb for this powerhouse of talent. Inspite of being of Sri Lankan descent, Jacqueline was raised in Bahrain. She then moved to Sri Lanka where she was working as a television reporter until the day she decided to follow her heart. Yes, her hard work and belief kept the fire within herself burning as she went on to become Miss. Sri Lanka in 2006. Since then, there has been absolutely no looking back. The actress made her way into Bollywood, becoming one of the most bankable stars. And boy, do we even have to mention those slaying dance moves? We’ve all seen through her social media stories of how much blood and sweat she’s put in, in order to become a trained dancer. All of this proves to us just how much self-belief can help one in achieving great success and reach new heights.


So this Diwali, Imara inspires you to light an extra diya for yourself and wishes that every girl should make their dreams come true. This Diwali, wish for yourself, believe in yourself and light a diya for yourself; because girl, you’re precious beyond words. Celebrate the spirit of Diwali. Celebrate the spirit of Imara.  #ImaraBelieveInYourself


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I think you are being abused or else you would not
be asking such a strange and derogatory
question. Please get help.

People who are shitting on her remember she will be last one hear! No one is gonna go and tell her that especially knowing how much money he has that he is a preditor.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jacqueline are similar where they were in give and take relationship with predators. But so were some of the top Bollywood heroines. Think about it Mahima, Manisha and Aishwarya did only one movie with Subash Ghai. They are probably realized he was pervert and left. But Madhuri did so many films. These women are ready to do anything for top spot and money.

Hope fame was worth your self-respect. You basically signaled the world that you're ready to bend in front of men to do as they like and be used as an object for money.

I can never like Jacqui as I imagine her a Sajid's (willing) keep. You'd have to have no dignity to do that.

Actress’s want further their career so once offers dry out they give themselves in for work. It’s not always to get the first break.

Feel like puking when i see kat face,she was with ranbir just for money n fame now chamchaoing salman to sary relevant.Diginity and integrity no where to be found for this fake always giggling botox face kat

I don't think Jacqueline dated Sajid to get a foothold in bollywood as she had already done movies before she met Sajid.
She, I believe, truly fell for him as he was a funny man who is capable of making people laugh.

Shame she has no moral compass and willing to give in for some fame and roles. I cannot even imagine how little respect one would have to let such a disgusting perv like SK lech on you. She was willing and she has no respect in my eyes- if you choose to sleep your way up you ain’t a true talent or artist. You are just a bimbette with no morals.

She needs to be shamed as she is as guilty a culprit as sajid.These kind of women boost the ego of those scumbags who in turn makes the lives of innocent girls hell by sexual abuse.If she was at all in love with sajid and have consensual sex I would have respected her, but she did only to stay relevant.As a woman its our responsibility to unmask such men make our society safe, not to abet such kind of inhumane behavior.

Although I agree that she has slept her way to the top without having acting talent, it is not right to derail from the topic by shaming her sexual and professional choices. Who knows, may be she was threatened, may be she was too deep in the abuse to speak up, that is very common in abusive relationships. Even if it was a completely consensual relationship with no pressure whatsoever, it's not right to shame her. That is one of the fights of metoo, fighting the patriarchy of shaming the woman for her sexual choices. If anything shame the filthy excuse of a man who leaks details of his sexual life to strangers and other girls.

How can you date someone like Sajid for that long?

Feel like puking just when I see her face,she was with sajid just for money n fame now chamchaoing salman to stay relevant.Dignity and integrity no where to be found for this fake always giggling white face

It's not correct to shame this lady ... if she did what she did with was with mutual consent neither is a culprit in this case

Sajid Khan's sex slave.

So Jacqueline, tell us where Uncle Sajid touched you and when.

Sajid khan's 'little bitch'

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