Live Your Best Denim Dream: 3 jeans you need to own this year

Updated on Jan 10, 2019 02:12 PM IST  |  1.6M
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To help you ensure that you’re ahead of the trends for the upcoming months, we are suggesting the denim lovers the three key type of jeans that you need to keep in your wardrobe. From classics silhouettes (which are making a come back) to comfy options, here we are to help you live your denim dream this year!


Anti-skinny Jeans

Loose jeans a.k.a baggy/boyfriend jeans lend a very laid back style. The iconic baggy jeans trend is coming back this year and is already gaining popularity! The anti-skinnies are not only known for their comfort but are surprisingly chic when paired up with the right add-ons.

Style your look with : Jeans + Cardigan + White boots

          Jeans + Sheer blouse + Pumps

          Jeans + Blazer + Heels



Bootcut Jeans

Back in the days, people were not all that comfortable with wearing body-hugging denim the way they are now. That being said, a particular trend gets accepted by the mass after being considered deranged. So here it is, the bootcut jeans are making a vengeful comeback in 2019. So, grab your pair out of the closet and make them game ready!

Style your look with : Jeans + Puff sleeve blouse + Heels

           Jeans + White shirt + Block Heels

           Jeans + Long-line waist coat + Boots



Flared Leg Jeans

Another comfortable jeans, the flared leg jeans come tailored, lightweight and, believe it or not, are actually super comfortable to wear. The best thing about it? It can go well with basically everything in your wardrobe, thus being the ultimate backbone of many a stylish outfit.

Style your look with :  Jeans. + Crop top + Heels

            Jeans + Longline T-shirt + Chunky sneakers

            Jeans + Neutral colour T-shirt + Leather boots




Which one is your favourite? And how are you going to style it?


Comment below and let us know.


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