Louis Vuitton wants to blur the lines between your smartphone and fashion with screens on bags

During the recent 2020 resort wear collection, the models strutted the runway holding bags with television screens!
louis vuitton,Style Tips,fashion news,louis vuitton bagLouis Vuitton wants to blue the lines between your smartphone and fashion with screens on bags
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Just when we thought our bags couldn't get better (than storing our entire world), Louis Vuitton proved us wrong! The brand is all set to add one more excellent feature to the thing that holds our world. 

Ever wondered what it'd be like to be able to watch television not on your phone, but on your bag? Well, LV is trying the idea out. The brand revealed during its prototype called Canvas of the Future during its recent Resort 2020 runway show. Vogue reported that the screens obviously might not be as big as your television, but will have almost the same resolution as your smartphone! 
Models walking the runway at the Resort 2020 show carried two monogrammed Louis Vuitton bags that were a display of colourful images of a cityscape. According to a press release by the brand, they want to eventually "blur the lines between your smartphone and your sac."
As of now, these two bags are just prototypes but clearly, the future of binge watching our favourite shows on the go lies in the lands of luxury bags! But this is not the first time that the brand is making headlines for its new and improved accessories. Back in 2016, the brand also released a phone case that looked exactly like a Louis Vuitton bag was released back in 2016 and also caused a huge stir. 
Are you excited to start binge watching on your bags? Comment below and let us know. 
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The idea is to have a billboard on your handbag?

People are more crazy every day.

I understand that many call it art, but this in that it helps humanity ??? LOL

it is only to fill with more ego and opulence.

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