Love shoes? Here are 7 types of footwear that we all need to own

Updated on Sep 13, 2019 02:47 PM IST  |  1.7M
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An extensive wardrobe of footwear is what every girl dreams of. We all want that dreamy huge wardrobe of all kinds of shoes, the kind we often see on TV. A woman can never have too many shoes. But we often make the mistake of getting our favourite or comfy footwear in all the different colors that we can but it really isn't the right way to go. A woman's footwear closet needs to have a variety and be versatile. It's essential that we all own some basic footwear that can go with anything and everything we wear. It's not possible for all of us to invest in new shoes every other day with the changing trends, but some basics can help you stay sorted when it comes to your footwear fashion. Here are the basics that you NEED to invest in.

1. Sneakers


A pair of basic sneaker of the color of your choice is very important for a woman's wardrobe. They're comfortable and you cannot go wrong with sneakers. Buy a pair of vans or converse or any sneakers that you find comfortable because that's what you may want to wear when you have to walk too much or go for a trek or go shopping. You definitely don't want to be in a pair of heels when you walk around the malls and browse for clothes.

2. Flat Sandals


A  pair of basic flats are very important. You can go for a slip-on or a strappy pair of flat sandals as per your comfort and needs. You cannot always wear heels and every now and then you want to get your feet out of sneakers and wear something flat and feel the air on your feet. A pair of chic flats do the job.

3. Wedges


They are comfortable heels. A pair of wedges are much easier to walk in. They do not give you painful feet and they are just what you need when you want to wear heels but stay comfortable too.

4. Ankle Boots


A  pair of ankle boots are very versatile. We all need to own a pair of ankle boot with heels as per your comfort. They can be worn in any season with any outfit. They're just perfect piece for your wardrobe.

5. Neutral Stilettos


A neutral-colored pair of heels are great for all trendy looks. We cannot own a pair of heels to go with each and every outfit and that's why a neutral color of heels is perfect. A shade of nude or clear heels or maybe black or brown ones are perfect for every occasion

6. Desi Footwear


Every desi outfit needs footwear to go with it. Your western footwear won't look good with your Indian clothes so pick a neutral pair of heels to go with all your desi looks.

7. Personality Footwear





We all need that one pair of footwear that goes with our personality and our comfort and makes a statement. We all need that perfect pair and this is why find that pair of heels or boots or bootie that are your favorite and define your personality perfectly. 


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