Make hairstyling super easy with these hairstyling accessories under Rs 400

Achieve your dream hairstyle effortlessly with these affordable hair accessories.
Make hairstyling super easy with these hairstyling accessories under Rs 400 Make hairstyling super easy with these hairstyling accessories under Rs 400
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Every girl knows what a struggle it is to style your hair especially if you are a noob like me. These hair accessories are designed to make every hairstyling process easier and more fun to do so you can now attain your dream hairstyle in absolutely no time. You can ditch going to the parlour to get your hair done and style your own hair at home with a much faster and cheaper method. If you are already skilled at this then you can put your skills to a good use and if not, then you can use these tricks and attain the perfect hairstyle. 

Syga Set Of 10 Professional Hair Cutting & Styling Comb Kit

This hairstyling and hair cutting comb kit contains professional combs that will help you pull off complicated hairstyles without much effort and time. Even if you are an absolute disaster at hairstyling, these combs will be of great help. They are durable, anti-static and will easily detangle your hair without tearing or breaking. 


Price: Rs.179

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Keralooks professional Crocodile Hair Clip

These crocodile hair clips will help you style your hair like a professional. They feature a double hinge that extends to hold extra long and thick hair. You can now try all the different hairstyles you see online and focus on smaller, more manageable sections. These also let you clip your hair up and out of the way so you can blow-dry, curl, and straighten like a pro. 


Price: Rs.210

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Foreign Holics 5 Clips Straight Hair Extension

This dark brown hair extension is super easy to clip and looks extremely natural, and will easily blend into your original hair. They are tangle-free, silky and soft, and will add more volume to your hair. You can attain a glamorous look for a special event or just use it to hide a bad haircut. 


Price: Rs.399

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Drishti Hair Donut Bun

Have you tried making a high bun and always failed? Or is your hair too scanty to get a voluminous bun? These hair donuts are a solution to all your bun problems! You can get the perfect high bun with these donuts that come in 3 different sizes so you can make a stress-free bun without fumbling with your hair for hours. 


Price: Rs.199

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Glan Stylish Dark Brown Women’s Synthetic Curly Hair Extension

We all dream of having the long, beachy waves that look super alluring and beautiful. But curling your hair with an iron can be a disaster! These curly hair extensions will help you achieve the perfect beach waves or the dream messy bun without having to mess about with a hair curler. They are super easy to wear and maintain. 


Price: Rs.339

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Vogue Floral Printed Fabric Knot Headband

Have you ever had a bad hair day and a last moment plan just made it all worse? You can just put on this knot headband and go about your day without a worry and in style. It looks stylish and also hair in place. The vibrant colour and attractive design makes this hair accessory your most favourite. 


Price: Rs.299

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YouBella Fashion Jewellery Floral Stone Hair Chain Clip

Have a wedding or a special event to attend but don’t have time to get to the parlour? Now get the perfect hairstyle by simply putting on this floral hair clip that looks absolutely radiant. It will give your hair a royal look and will uplift your outfit, making you stand out. 


Price: Rs.345

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D-DIVINE Front Hair Bang Fringe 

We all have thought of getting bangs at least once in our lives. But they may not suit everyone or they may get boring after a while. This clip-on hair fringe will ensure that you never have to cut your own bangs again. They are super easy to wear and remove so whenever you are in a mood for fringes or a different hairdo, just clip them on and get a unique hairstyle. 


Price: Rs.249

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Raaya Soft Twist Magic Foam Hairstyle Hair Roller Curler Sticks

We all love getting long curls but using a curling iron is not only a task but can also greatly damage your hair. These foam hair curlers will help you achieve your dream curls without causing any harm to your hair. You need to simply put them on dry or wet hair, and leave them overnight. 


Price: Rs.238

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