Make your feet feel loved with these 5 funky socks

Add a little quirk to your daily wear and show some love to your feet with these funky socks.
Make your feet feel loved with these 5 funky socks Make your feet feel loved with these 5 funky socks
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Happy feet is equal to a happy mood. Socks are an essential part of any attire as they absorb moisture and will prevent your feet from drying up. They also prevent rubbing of shoes on the bare foot and act as a cushioning to pad the feet. They ensure that your feet are clean and warm. Now you can add a little fun to your wardrobe with these super funky socks that will not only make your attire more quirky and urbane, but will also keep your feet hydrated and clean. 

Dynamocks Men & Women Crew Length Socks (Comic Crash)

Made from an exquisite polyester blend, these socks are designed to fit your feet comfortably all day long. They are extremely comfortable and breathable, and the ribbed style and arch support provide a great grip. If you are a comic book lover, then these socks need to be added to your closet right away! 


Price: Rs.299

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Dynamocks Men & Women Crew Length Socks (Pizza + Burgers)

These super eccentric socks are designed for all the foodies out there! The pizza and burger print along with the eye-catching colour, will make it the most favourite thing in your wardrobe. They come in a pack of 2 and are an amalgamation of style and comfort. These socks are treated with silver nanotechnology to keep your feet odor-free and fresh all day.


Price: Rs.349

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Superheroes Free Size Ankle Socks

Cannot decide between DC and Marvel? Now bring both the worlds together and right in your wardrobe with these adorable superhero ankle socks. They come in a pack of 3 and are extremely long-lasting. These socks are stretchable and provide a great fit. 


Price: Rs.499

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Dynamocks Men & Women Crew Length Socks (Combo Pack of 2 Pairs; Multicolour)

Name one thing better than sipping cutting chai and munching on a hot samosa between your work breaks? I will wait. This combo pack of 2 funky socks, are designed with a cutting chai and samosa print in vibrant colours. They are super comfy, breathable, and have the perfect stretch for your feet. Your feet will now be odour-free and fresh throughout the day. 


Price: Rs.349

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We Bare Bears Women's Cotton Socks

Are you one of those people who absolutely dread wearing socks especially in the summers? Wearing socks in this heat can be really frustrating. These ankle socks are super lightweight and will prevent your feet from getting too warm and sweating. These make just the perfect choice for summers as they are extremely breathable and will not even make you feel their presence. Plus the adorable bear print is just an add on! 


Price: Rs.411

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