New Normal & Festivities: Siddhant Agarwal on why THIS accessory makes for a better gift than mithai

Move over mithais, luxury face masks are the gifts you should be giving your near ones this festive season!
New Normal & Festivities: Siddhant Agarwal on why THIS accessory makes for a better gift than mithai
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As the world faces this pandemic in a unified harmony amidst festivities, it is still a dilemma to look good and be safe at the same time. But how do we do that? It is by wanting, that we orient ourselves in the world, by following and resolving our ways of staying safe and yet luxurious.
When the majority has already mastered the art of wearing a mask, why not gift our close ones wholeness.
So, this Diwali let’s be different and start the festivities with sustainable safe luxury. With masks already joining the list of essential items, it has now become an unprecedented accessory in our daily wardrobes.

This shift in the market challenges the deeply rooted heavy-traditional attires that Indians wear on numerous occasions throughout the year. The trendsetters and various designers have already joined the wave by creating, mixing and styling their masks with contemporary looks.

Thus, many Indian designers are exploring the myriad ways of designing a mask. Labels have begun to offer a different spectrum of masks to go about this festival season. They are doing the trick by modernising and playing with fabrics, techniques, colours and other ornamentations. Adorning the new stylised protection, most masks contains three layers, are very comfy and easy to take on and off. They provide a voice and are a perfect replacement for the normal N95 medical masks.
The masks crafted today have a modern twist with a touch of Indian heritage. This is just an extension to match the new modern and bridges the gap between protection and fashion.
Let’s make sure that while we walk the path of safety, we also show our loved ones that we care. And the easiest way to do that this Diwali would be through a gift that speaks so for itself. A present which says you are thinking about them, and not just their safety but their style as well. 

While sweets, chocolates and goodies have always been the norm on Diwalis, 2020 has definitely been a year that has defied all norms. So why break that tradition? Do something different this year, something out of the box and gift your friends and family a mask which is a style statement in itself! 

Make masks the new Diwali gift to protect yourself and your near and dear ones while in the midst of a pandemic. 

About the author: Siddhant Agarwal is the founder of Siddhant Agarwal Label 

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