Style Hacks: THESE tips can help you hide your belly fat to look your best

Belly bulge can really stop you from wearing your favourite outfit at times. If you face the same issues, then check out some style tips that'll help you hide that belly fat.
Style Hacks: THESE tips can help you hide your belly fat to look your best Style Hacks: THESE tips can help you hide your belly fat to look your best
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When it comes to our body, we are what we eat. We desire to look a certain way, dress a certain way, but at times, irregular eating habits and bad lifestyle doesn't allow us to do so. And instead, we end up with the excess of belly fat. No that doesn't make you less attractive or fat, but the belly bulge somehow restricts you to wear some body-fitting clothes that you desire. And if you are someone who loves to wear a bodycon dress, but don't wear it because of the bulging belly, don't worry we've got you covered on that one. 


Read below to find out some style hacks that'll help you to know how to hide belly fat. 


Wear vertical pattern shirts or dresses:


Yes, this is true. Since vertical pattern gives an illusion of a taller height and therefore make you look slimmer than your actual body shape. Hence pick outfits with a vertical pattern, as they will make you look lean. 


Wear ruffle tops:


Ruffle tops have a loose fit, but they are quite stylish. The flared design gives ample space to hide the belly fat while driving the attention to the pleats. 


Buy high-waisted pants:


Buy high-waisted pants and tuck in a tee, and pull it out a little to give that chic, boxy effect. And while you’re at it, go for a bootcut hem. It’ll not only make you look slimmer but also taller. 


Say yes to a pencil skirt:


Pencil skirts are a wardrobe must-have and the slim-fit skirt with a straight, narrow cut suits all body types and shapes. Pair with a loose top to balance out the proportions.


Make wrap dresses your BFF:


Wrap dresses will give you the freedom to decide the fit of your outfit. Cinch it around your waist to give your dress the ‘fit and flare’ effect. You can decide the fit and look your best while ditching the corset. 


Add tunics to your wardrobe:


Tunics are timeless and classic. They are not too short and not too long. They are loose and accentuate your figure when worn correctly. Pair it with parallel trousers to work or with distressed jeans for a casual outing.

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