Style your Shape | How to style yourself according to your body shape

A subtle study of your body shape and you’ll be the next fashionista!
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If you’ve ever heard someone call themselves an apple or a pear, then here’s what they meant:

The shape of your body determines what sort of clothes would make you look your most flattering self. Trends aside, if you really figure out your shape, any garment you buy: trendy or not will compliment your body the way it is!


Celebrities around the world are styled by the most famous names in the fashion industry. Here are a few examples of glamourous women who embrace their body and dress their own shape!


Sonam Kapoor is an inverted-triangle and she never let us know!

The inverted triangle shape is also called the apple shape where the shoulders are the widest part of the body:



Anushka Sharma is a Square body type, a square body shape is the absence of curves, when the shoulder and hip are the same or similar size:


Sonakshi Sinha is an hourglass body shape, a curvy woman with shoulders and hips of the same size



Badgirl Rihanna Fenty is a typical pear shaped godess with hips wider than the rest of her body:


Now that you’ve seen the stars embrace their body shapes, it’s time for you to do the same!

To calculate your body shape all you need is a measuring tape:

Measure your bust: From your apex (highest point)

Measure your waist: It’s the narrowest part of your body

Measure your hips: It’s the widest part of your body

Measure your shoulders


With these measurements all you need to do is compare! If your bust and hips is the same or near close: you’re an hourglass, if your hips are wider: you’re a pear and if your shoulders are the widest part of your body you’re an apple!


If you’re getting confused all you have to do is use any one of the online body shape calculating websites available! Here are a few:


After you’ve determined your shape, follow us in the journey of Style your Shape articles that will guide you with Do’s, Don’ts and Must’s!


Comment below to let us know your body shape!

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