Sustainable fabrics 101: Why they are essential and what to look for

Updated on Jul 16, 2021 06:16 PM IST  |  125.5K
Sustainable fabrics 101: Why they are essential and what to look for
Sustainable fabrics 101: Why they are essential and what to look for

If you are a fashion lover who is not so in-love with fashion’s adverse impact on the planet, rest assured because there is a way for you to help bring eco-friendly changes into the industry! Actively making the choice to invest in sustainable fabrics is a great first step towards slow fashion and reducing the industry’s as well as your own carbon footprint.

What is sustainability in fashion?

Sustainability, or slow fashion can be looked at as a revolutionary movement to bring positive changes in the industry’s production and supply chains - ecological integrity, environmental consciousness and social justice in the fashion industry, urging us to say goodbye to fast fashion. The fashion industry is the second largest waste producer globally, and sustainability can bring those statistics significantly lower. Locally produced, sustainable and biodegradable fabrics, longevity, ethical sourcing and the likes are just some of the aspects encouraged in sustainable fashion.

What are the benefits of sustainable fabrics?

By supporting this movement, you are directly contributing towards a greater, holistic good for the whole planet! You can help reduce the levels of water pollution, carbon emissions, waste generation and unethical labour practices at a global scale! What is in it for you? High quality clothing of course! Sustainable fabrics are proven to be much more durable, soft and long-lasting than anything fast fashion and mass producers can even dream of producing!

However, there is a considerable amount of debate about which fabrics are truly sustainable – does natural always equal good, and synthetic always equal bad? We are here to give you the 101 on the best garments utilising sustainable, futuristic and innovative fabrics that you can buy to take the first step towards a sustainable future – starting today!

1. Organic Cotton

This is a more sustainable alternative for the conventional and most commonly used cotton in garment production, and it has become very popular lately. It aims to minimise the environmental impact of cotton production and processing by eliminating the use of toxic pesticides, dyes and the likes from the entire process. Here is a dress shaped to elevate your wardrobe that you should check out. It is made of premium quality organic cotton and even the buttons are sustainable – made of coconut shell wood!


Gur Floral Printed Organic Cotton Dress

₹ 7,600.00 – Buy Now.

2. Organic Hemp

It does seem like hemp has taken over the world this year, doesn’t it – it’s everywhere, and for good reason! What makes hemp a sustainable fabric is the fact that it is cultivated all around the world, requires very little water, no pesticides and it even leaves the soil it grew in naturally more fertile! It is one of the oldest fibres in the world, and is 10 times better for the environment than any other crop! It also has great benefits for our skin – hemp as anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, which makes it easy on the skin, extremely durable and breathable, making it the perfect choice for our garments! Check out this charming, light and summery shirt made of hemp fabric –


Reistor Butter Lemon 100 Percent Hemp Chasing Daydreams Shirt

₹ 3,900.00 – Buy Now.

3. Khadi

This fabric is deeply intertwined with our country’s culture and history. It has been a symbol of national importance time and again – right from our freedom struggle to building a #AatmaNirbhar India. Technically, khadi refers to any natural fabric like cotton, silk, jute or wool that is hand-spun and hand woven. It requires no machinery or non-renewable energy, and only very minimal water for its production. These make it a fabric with a very low carbon footprint and a great way to take your step into the world of sustainability! Check out some you can buy now –


True Browns Beige Khadi Angrakha Kurta Pant Set

₹ 2,959.00 – Buy Now.



Rias Jaipur Green Khadi Pleated Shirt Kurta

₹ 4,500.00 – Buy Now.

4. Tencel

This fabric is a light cellulose fabric made by dissolving wood pulp. It has been experiencing a high demand recently due its moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties. In addition to that, Tencel is about 50 percent more absorbent that cotton, requires minimum water and energy to produce and the chemicals used are managed in a closed loop – meaning they are recycled to significantly reduce dangerous waste disposal. This is truly a revolutionising and innovative fabric, that seems to have a bright future in the slow fashion industry! Check out these garments made of Tencel –


Ancestry Mustard Updated Basics Short Top

₹ 2,490.00 – Buy Now.



Ancestry Black Button Through Tencel Kurta

₹ 2,790.00 – Buy Now.