THESE are the fashion mistakes we have made during our teens

Published on Sep 14, 2019 05:41 PM IST  |  1.4M
THESE are the fashion mistakes we have made during our teens
THESE are the fashion mistakes we have made during our teens

When we are in our teens, we love to experiment with our looks and have that thing in us to try everything that's trending and new. And while doing this, we tend to forget that maybe that style or that outfit is not meant for us. Don't worry if you have done this in your teens, you are not alone. All of us have made the mistake of wearing anything under the sun in the name of style. 


And if you have to look back and see what fashion faux pas you have done in the past, then here are some fashion mistakes that all of us have done in our teens. As absurd as it sounds, it's true, we all have been the victim of these fashion mistakes. 


Spending all the money on trendy clothes and accessories:



Instead of buying a few new trendy pieces, we all have wasted our money by buying clothes that we never wore. Instead of investing in classic items like a pair of jeans or tees, in the name of style, we stacked up clothes in our wardrobe for ages that were never worn by us.


Buying clothes which ain't your style:



In our teens, we cared a lot about our friend's opinion, and hence we chose to wear the outfits that our friends wore. Even if it wasn't our style, we still wore it because our friends wore it. And this way, we forgot what our unique style was and followed everyone else's style. 


We wore what our crush approved:



All of us had a crush on someone in our teens, and hence we chose to wear clothes in which our crush would notice us and think that we are hot. When in reality, there's nothing hotter than showing you're confident enough to rock your kickass style.


We have killed our feet in the name of style:



We have bought heels that go well with our dress but don't go well with our feet. We have spent money on heels that we can't even walk in. What we didn't realise was that flats are just as cute, and won't stop us from running around all day and showing off the rest of our cute outfit.


We compared our styles to our favourite celebs:



We always thought that if a particular outfit looked good on our favourite celeb, it will look good on us also. What we didn't realise was the fact that our fav celebs are paid to look perfect and they have an army who helps them look the way they do. 


Afraid to experiment with our style:



We all loved to play safe when it came to fashion and never experimented much with our looks. We forget that if we didn't try out different looks, we will never figure out what worked and didn't work for us. Plus, fashion is supposed to be fun, and what's "in" and what's "out" is constantly changing. 


How many fashion mistakes have you made in your teens? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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