From Priyanka Chopra to Karishma Kapoor: Here's how you can style your monochrome looks

Styling your clothes can be a little overwhelming sometimes but you can always take an easy and trendy way out with a quick monochrome look. After all, how wrong can you go with monochrome?
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Monochrome is one of the chicest, most effortless styles. It's very easy and trendy and you just cannot go wrong with monochrome. It's perfect for daily wear and is hassle-free. Putting together a monochrome look may seem like a huge burden but really, it's one of the easiest trends to style. While most of us think that monochrome is a mix of black and white it actually isn't just that. Other than going all black and white, monochrome also refers to shades of one color. So, the monochrome look is also dressing up in shades of your favorite color. While most of us don't prefer doing it, it's actually very quick and stylish. Pulling off a monochromatic look is as easy as it can get. But we're all humans and not all of us know our shades and styles too well. Even though there's nothing wrong with that, no one wants to step out looking like a fashion disaster and if you are especially very style-conscious or are trying to look great and go with the trend, here are some tips that can help you rock your monochrome like a boss!

1. You cannot go wrong with black or white. When in doubt go all black or all white or just black and white. It's very easy to style and you can simply wear one color and accessorize it with the other. Just like Deepika Padukone did with her airport look. A white shirt dress with black boots and a sling bag. That just keeps is very chic and quick.

2. If you have doubts about pairing your shades together just pick a set of single shaded plain co-ords and pair it with a great pair of shoes and some light accessories. Shoes make it all better and co-ords are already co-ordinated! They're style served to you on a platter.

3. Wearing a single tone dress is not monochromatic. Add a little touch of drama to it by adding a long shrug of the same color but a different shade. Try to keep your footwear in a neutral shade or it may take the attention off of your dress.

4. Don't be scared of playing with clothes. Try pairing stripes with stripes but stick to the same color tone. You can go for different kinds of stripes and you can do that with plaid too.

5. Fabric textures also play an important role in fashion. Mix textures like satin and lace or velvet and rayon. Pick your fabrics and play with it provided you keep it a single tone or keep it black and white like your old tv!

6. You can go monochrome with a dual-color print like plaid. But when you do that ensure that you don't pick anything with more than two colors. A black and white plaid or red and black plaid can do the job for you. 


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