Want to wear comfortable flats and look glam? Here's how you can style your flats and look chic

Flats are not just a pair of boring and comfy footwear. If you play the style game right you might be able to nail the trendy flats look with pure ease.
Want to wear comfortable flats and look glam? Here's how you can style your flats and look chic
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We love our extensive footwear wardrobe. It's full of some amazing shoes and heels and we just love them all. There's no footwear that we dislike. But this glamorous footwear doesn't really come handy in daily wear. Wearing heels and boots daily can be very dangerous no matter how awesome they look. But being fashion conscious and wearing comfortable footwear don't go hand in hand. Wearing flats is the only way to stay comfortable but they will absolutely destroy your style statement if you go wrong with it. Flats are comfort and heels are fashionable and painful but we still pick something fashionable because we don't have too many options. What if someone said you could make your flats look chic? Chic flats are like a dream come true. When it comes to flats, it's a different ball-game altogether. It's all about the styling and a little mistake could turn your look into a fashion disaster but this comfy and breezy style is decoded for you.

Here's how you can style your favourite comfy flats effortlessly.

1. Don't stick to just one type of flats. There is a variety to pick from when you want comfortable flats. You can try playing with ballet flats and mules and loafers and many more. Don't stick to just a simple pair of flat sandals because there's more to flats than just that.

2. Try making a statement with your flats by using them to add a pop of colour to your look. Wear a pair of pointy-toes flats or ballet flats in a bright colour with your pastel monochrome outfits. When you add a pop of colour with your footwear it doesn't make it look odd and boring.

3. Go metallic and glittery with your flats. A textured glittery pair of flats or metallic ones make your flats stand out and make them look chic instead of just another pair of boring flats. They have a lot to add to your look and they glam it up.

4. You can play with printed and textured flats. Try wearing floral flats or plaid ones. You can also wear a pair of white flats to amp up your style quotient.

5. Wear flats with a pair of ankle crop bottoms. An ankle crop skirt or pants will make your flats look trendy instead. Don't shy away and try to hide your flats. Instead, try to make a statement with them and put it out there.

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