Wardrobe essentials: THESE are the bags EVERY woman should own to look her fashionable best

Planning to buy a new bag? Then one of these bags should definitely be on your list. Women need multiple bags and hence we have curated a list of bags that every woman must own. Check the list and plan your purchase accordingly.
Wardrobe essentials: THESE are the bags EVERY woman should own to look her fashionable bestWardrobe essentials: THESE are the bags EVERY woman should own to look her fashionable best
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Be it a tote bag, or a sling bag or a duffle bag a woman can never have enough bags. We not only carry our daily essentials in the bag, but that one bag is like pandora's box, which is full of our secrets and our needs. We can never use one bag for all our needs, and hence we end up buying vivid varieties of bags now and then. People think buying multiple bags is a waste, but it's an investment since every bag has its own uniqueness and utility. 


If you are planning to invest in some bags, then make sure that you have these bags in your wardrobe. And if you are not sure which one you are missing, take a look at these 6 types of bags every woman should own. We ladies can need any bag at any time, so make sure to stock up on a variety of bags to help you out in moments of need. 




No matter how old you are, there should always be one book bag in your closet. Book bags are not only sturdy and spacious, but they are perfect when you want to give your shoulder a break and even out the weight proportionally. Sometimes they can even serve as great statement fashion pieces. 


Small cross shoulder bag:


Sometimes you want to wear your summer dress and carry a bag when you hang out with your friends. And for such days all you need is a cross shoulder bag. A bag that can fit your phone, wallet, keys and lipstick. Carrying large bags for brunches or day outs can be hectic, hence carrying a cross shoulder bag is a more viable option. They make you feel lighter, happier and unrestricted.


Tote bag:


Every girl's personal favourite is a tote bag. Whether you want to grab a few things from a supermarket or go out shopping, a tote bag is always comfortable to carry around. It's plain, simple, practical and multifunctional.


Fancy bag:


Now, this is the bag that you'll use when you go for parties, dates and night outs. Ideally, it should be one that goes well with almost any outfit and can stand out on its own. So make sure to save up on your dream bag so you can wear it out on fancy dates, dinners or any other important events. 


Duffle bag:


Planning to go on a short trip, but don't want to carry a big bag? That's where the duffel bags come to your rescue. Duffle bags are stylish, sleek and have enough space for clothes and toiletries. Trust me, a duffle bag will come in handy in the most unexpected moments.


So, ladies, we need bags in our life. And if you are missing out on any of these bags, then add them to your wardrobe right away!

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