Who said formals are boring? Here are some fun ways to elevate your professional looks!

Updated on Aug 30, 2021 06:54 AM IST  |  113.7K
Who said formals are boring? Here are some fun ways to elevate your professional looks!
Who said formals are boring? Here are some fun ways to elevate your professional looks!

Do you constantly find yourself at a total loss for what you can wear to work? Are the same old blacks, whites and neutrals just not enough for you to feel creatively stimulated and confident at work? Well, you are at the right place! 

Your work wardrobe does not have to be as hopeless as it seems. Who told you that formals are boring? If you are the kind of woman who is a boss-lady at work and still knows how to have fun every now and then, your wardrobe should highlight that aspect of your multidimensional personality! How do you do that? Here are some ideas - let’s build a fun, functional and elegant outfit that is guaranteed to make you stand out, in the best way!

1. Co-ords, pastels and structure

The ultimate form of power dressing at work is by having an exquisite collection of trousers and blazers. They do not need to be beige or black anymore - you should splash some colour in there! This year’s biggest colour trends have had pastel colour palettes, which can look extremely sophisticated and emit just the right amount of chill, creative boss vibes! Pair one of these with a plain white tee and you’re all set to wow your team!


FableStreet Blue & White Striped Coat with Trousers

₹ 6,490.00 – Buy Now.



FableStreet Solid Green Coat with Trousers

₹ 6,290.00 – Buy Now.



H&M Solid White Cropped Top

₹ 399.00 – Buy Now.

2. Jumpsuits - yay or nay?

While curating the perfect workwear for yourself, you must have questioned yourself at least once - are jumpsuits appropriate? We’ve seen powerful women carry that style into the office just as effortlessly as any other - and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t, especially if you work in a creative field like marketing, advertising or fashion! Taking into consideration your workplace’s dress code, there are a plethora of options to choose from - laid back casual fits to structured and form-fitting, there’s something for everyone! This ensemble has potential -


Athena Solid Pink Jumpsuit

₹ 1,199.00 – Buy Now.



Flat N Heels Solid Beige Sandals

₹ 1,664.00 – Buy Now.

3. Fiery, ambitious and bold

Do those 3 words define you perfectly? Then they should define your ensemble as well! Take a confident stride into your office as you return back to bold colours that will make people pay more attention to you. Wear this warm rust-toned formal shirt with a classic black pencil skirt to appease the professional part of you, but bring in the unapologetic element of fun by finishing off the look with statement footwear and a matching clutch!


20Dresses Rust Red Solid Top

₹ 971.00 – Buy Now.



Van Heusen Solid Black Pencil Skirt

₹ 1,499.00 – Buy Now.



DressBerry Red Shimmer Pumps

₹ 1,649.00 – Buy Now.



Spice Art Red Shimmer Clutch

₹ 1,046.00 – Buy Now.

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