Yay or Nay : Alia Bhatt in Deme by Gabriella


The face of Maybelline India, Alia Bhatt, attended a Google+ chat and meet & greet event for the brand earlier today.

Dressed in a white Deme by Gabriella full length dress, the actress styled it with a pair of color-block wraparound Sandals from Zara and a metal cuff from Forever 21.

The dress does look nice on her and I love the choice of accessories, but it's the neck that prevents me from looking the look. I really don't think that this neck is the most flattering because it covers your whole neck up and does not give any definition.

But I also do think that this is one of those dresses which looks great in person but not photograph well.

She kept her hair simple and popped her look with a tangerine lip to match her shoe.

I like the look! I don't love it! You?

She was styled by Sanjana Batra.

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Girlfriend is STYLISH & she KNOWS it! YAS! Good for me, yall might like it better if the hair was not covering the neckline a little. The cuff isn adding anything to this look. Give'em attitude, girl. Werk it!

She lookssss amazinggggggggggg!!! Anyone who says otherwise is just plain jealous. D biggest YAY!

Nay!!!! The dress is too mature for her...becoz she has a petite frame both height and mass the outfit seems to drown her. Also I'm not being funny but Alia seems to have a babyface and either needs to vamp it up with dramatic make up or steer clear of dresses that require someone with a strong presence.

Alia is cute and pretty but she looks best I think when she tries the least. There is too much effort here. And she is not exactly beautiful. She will get there soon though.

She acts older than her age. Which is annoying. we r the same age, and if i acted like her, then i would feel like a amma-shatha!

The photos are distorted. I think Alia would look lovely in long skirts with flowers in her hair :-)! Hers is the kind of looks that will become stunning only when she grows older - perhaps 33 or so.

Pretty girl.

Not the best of Alia and even the photos are shot badly.

thas not her body. she is not that thin and has bigger boobs.if u'll see her other recent pics u'll known. .

She has crossed her legs, what do you expect?


somethings missing :(


She really like a little Kareena Kapoor Khan

well somebody has learnt how to pose them-self skinny

Something is really wrong with her face. She has to do something to her eyebrows. They r really in a very bad shape. And this is a definite NAY

She's too skinny now

Alia wears one size smaller than size zero

why is she becoming a stick...Also it makes her look even younger, please put on some more weight, will look older

Nay! She is too petite to carry off this dress

Yay, but wish she had changed the hair to an up-do!

There's something weird about her face in these pics..

There is no eye make up. It makes her look dull

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