18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

From outer ear badass piercings to sexy lobe piercings - the vintage piercing trend is back with a bang. Know the trending designs, cost, pain, and much more in this ultimate guide to ear piercings!

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18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide
18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

Over the years, our ear piercers have seen bachelorette parties, birthdays, groups of friends come in to celebrate together, and auspicious moments. Today a beautifully and carefully curated ear has (yet again) become all the rage. The reason behind ear piercings becoming accessory du jour is a generalized sense of freedom and autonomy that came into existence due to the pandemic. With remote work and office culture evolving, more people now feel free to experiment with bolder looks to express their persona. This experimentation shows up both in the creative piercings AND the number of piercings.


But what are the latest trends that people are specifically looking for? Also, which parts of the ear are people choosing to get the most ear piercings right now? What about the most popular designs? Moreover, how painful and costly is it?

We understand that your mind is full of a few critical questions and worries - after all, getting a piercing is a permanent thing. Worry not! In this ultimate guide, we will clarify all your doubts while revealing the 18 best ear piercings for you.

Ear piercings 101

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

There (literally) is a wide range of diverse types and kinds of ear piercings available today. Therefore, it is crucial to do proper research before you take a plunge to get your ear pierced. This research will not only help you understand the different kinds of ear piercings, but you will also know (exactly) where you want it, what you want, its overall cost, AND (probably the most vital one) how much will it hurt.


Of course, we will help you figure out everything in this ultimate guide to ear piercings!


However, before you book your appointment with an earring bar or salon (in a familiar language) to get permanent ear piercings, let us first understand some basics of ear piercings. Ear piercings 101 explained-


There are principally three types or categories of ear piercings:


• Outer ear piercings: snug piercing, tragus piercing, forward helix piercing, auricle piercing, industrial piercing

• Lobe piercings: transverse lobe piercing, standard lob piercing

• Inner ear piercings: orbital piercing, rook piercing, anti-tragus piercing, daith piercing, helix piercing, outer conch piercing

18 latest ear piercing ideas: The ultimate trend guide

1. Standard lobe Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

Standard lobe piercing is the timeless, classic ear piercing that most of us get while we are kids. If you want to get ear piercings done and are a first-timer, we recommend starting with the standard lobe ear piercings. As per your choice, you can either get only one lobe piercing to start off with or a couple of ear piercings in one sitting. Wear tiny studs initially and move on to sexy hoops and other forms of jewelry gradually.


2. Transverse lobe Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

In a standard lobe ear piercing, the piercer goes through the ear lobe front to back. And in the transverse lobe piercing (as the name suggests), the piercer goes through the lobe horizontally, generally with the help of a barbell tool. This ear piercing is also comparatively one of the least painful ear piercings.

3. Vertical Stacks Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

If you love to tie your hair or part them and pin them behind your hair - vertical stacks ear piercing is best suited for you. A vertical stack ear piercing is an ear piercing that is done directly above your conventional first or second piercing. You can style star studs, mini stones, or anything that fascinates you to highlight your lobe.

4. Stacked Lobes Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

If you, too, are intimidated by the thought of painful cartilage ear piercing but also have a massive FOMO of the latest trend, then stacked earlobes are your best entry-level choice. Stacked lobes (as the names suggest) are done on your fleshy earlobes above your traditional lobe piercing. You can either get evenly placed stacked ear piercings or closely packed stacked lobes.

5. High-lobe Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

The high-lobe ear piercing is another fun and engaging way to spice up your entire lobe. These ear piercings are great, especially to make a feature if you have a poorly-placed ear piercing. Basically, to rectify 'lobe ear piercing gone wrong', go for high-lobe ear piercings and style them as per your choice of jewelry.

6. Tragus Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

The tragus is the innermost part of cartilage (the tiny flap) sitting over the ear canal, which is directly above your ear lobe. The tragus piercing is a popular ear piercing that looks great with cutesy studs, tiny hoops, and when combined with other earrings.

7. Anti-tragus Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

The anti-tragus is the tiny bit of cartilage next to your ear lobe (opposite your tragus). The anti-tragus piercing is one of the most painful ear piercings - both during and after the process and takes the most time to heal.


8. Rook Ear Piercings

Follow the antihelix above the daith to the other side of the inner cartilage to find a rook piercing. Usually, to adorn this ear piercing, wear miniature hoops. Remember to wear only a tiny bar until the area heals completely.

9. Industrial Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

An industrial piercing typically aims for at least a couple of ear piercings, all going through your ear cartilage (rather than going for only one piercing). The most common and favored industrial ear piercing is through the forward helix or helix that is styled with a long cute arrow.

10. Helix Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

A helix piercing is an ear piercing done in the outer cartilage part of the upper ear. And when you get two ear piercings, one below the other in the same part of the upper ear, it is known as a double helix piercing.

11. Forward Helix Ear Piercings

A forward helix ear piercing is done on the outer edge of your ear just above the tragus. Similar to double helix piercing, you can get a double or a triple forward helix piercing also. Since this ear piercing is a cartilage piercing, it is often very painful.

12. Daith Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

Found in a slightly innermost position at the end of the helix. The daith piercing requires a highly skilled piercer as it is an immensely sensitive part of cartilage. Some people believe that getting a daith piercing can aid in alleviating migraines.

13. Auricle Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

An auricle piercing is done on the halfway outer part of your ear, typically between the helix and your ear lobe. It again is a cartilage piercing and may take a comparatively longer recovery time.

14. Conch piercing

The conch is the middle part of your ear cartilage. the conch is so called because it corresponds to a spiral shell. It is a quite versatile ear piercing. You can use a single cutesy stud, a double stud, or a mini cuff to style this ear piercing.

15. Outer conch or Sconch piercing

Outer conch or Sconch piercing is an ear piercing done at the lining rim in the grotto space close to the center of your ear. It is exactly in your eye-line whenever people look at you. So, use it to your advantage to enhance your appeal. It is highly eye-catching, and you can adorn an earring to make a bold statement.


16. Orbital Ear Piercings

An orbital ear piercing is an ear piercing where two piercings are done in the same spot of your ear to allow double hoop jewelry to pass through them. An orbital ear piercing can be done in any part of your ear - people popularly get this ear piercing in their lobe or helix.

17. Constellation Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

When you keep on adding third, fourth, fifth, sixth (and so on) ear piercings to your already present piercing, the result is known as a constellation piercing. I guess you can definitely understand this piercing from the name itself! Similar to a constellation, get closely packed piercings and style them with multiple cute tiny studs, trinkets, or stones.

18. Snakebite Ear Piercings

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

In originality, a snakebite piercing was done on the sides of your lower lip. Since it looked dope, people started getting this snakebite piercing on their ears as well. Popularly, it is done on the center lobe of your ear. The piercer entails two piercings, one below the other, extremely closely but slightly separated - giving the impression of a literal snakebite (as if real fangs were used to get the piercings done!) Wear miniature trinkets or double jewelry to highlight the area.

How painful are ear piercings?

One of the most frequently asked questions before you decide to put that stingy needle through your ear has to be, "how painful are ear piercings - do they hurt a lot?" Well, (honestly) the answer to this question depends on your pain sensitivity or tolerance level. What you and others consider painful may vary significantly, so there is no actual guide or a book to answer the question.


That being said, there are a few types of ear piercings that you can avoid if you are sensitive to pain or feel skeptical. In fact, you really would not feel more than a slight pinch when the needle goes through your ear if going for lobe piercings. Cartilage piercings, on the contrary, are known to be pretty painful - initially, you will feel a sharp shock which will later turn into a dull throbbing pain.

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

Another thing to note here is that most people consider ear piercing guns more painful than ear piercing needles. However, ear piercing needles are a lot safer comparatively.



Also, if you feel rowdy and want to get ear piercings done despite the pain, there are a couple of tricks that you can try to distract yourself. One of the best tricks to get through the pain is to simply look away from your piercer (like how we ask our kids to pretend when they get vaccinated).


Secondly, chat with your friend or hold their hand.


Thirdly, (if you went alone) listen to your favorite music in the non-piercing ear. Trust us; you will blink AND boom - you have a cool, brand new ear piercing!

Which is the most painful ear piercing design trend?

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

While conventional ear piercings like ear lobes are amongst the least painful ones, the snug and tragus piercings hurt the most. But not all cartilage or outer ear piercings cause the same pain threshold. For example, upper cartilage piercings like helix are comparatively less painful than the inner ear piercings like anti-tragus.


According to the tattoo experts, the amount of pain during a piercing procedure is also directly proportional to the experience of your piercing expert. The more experienced the professional you choose for your ear piercing, the more smooth the process will be. Plus, they will have a superior technique up their sleeve on how to use the piercing needle to make sure everything goes flawlessly. Additionally, cartilage piercings may continue to hurt for about a week from the first day of ear piercing. Since this area of your ear does not have that much blood flow, it takes a tad bit longer to heal as the inflammation gradually calms down.


Furthermore, a cartilage piercing may take approximately a couple of months (or more) to heal completely. This maximizes your chances of getting an infection that may cause additional pain during your recovery period.


Nevertheless, if you do let all of this get to your head, you will never get the courage to get ear piercings done. But, if you passionately want to get an ear piercing, a little pain is worth it!

What is the cost of an ear piercing?

Without question and beyond doubt, we know that multiple ear piercings have become the latest dope trend, and it certainly won't be going anywhere anytime soon. People love to adorn four to six ear piercings in their ear, and this has become the most popular demand. If you book an appointment at the salon to get your ear curated, it will probably cost you a decent penny. Basically, the costs of ear piercing depend on the number of ear piercings and the place you select. Most salons may charge between $15-25 for ear lobe piercings and $20-35 for cartilage piercings. The price does not include the type of jewelry, which will obviously cost you an additional amount.


How to choose your ear piercing professional?

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

Deciding your piercer is an essential step, whether you have been into body art or are getting your first ever ear piercing. Just as with any body art or modification, it is vital to find an apt professional piercer that you trust with the kind of ear piercing you want. So, we recommend you always do thorough research on at least a couple of piercers. Make a list of your doubts, watch their social media accounts to understand how they work, and go for a consultation call to clarify if you guys sync. Once you get a clear idea and think they are your ideal piercer, go ahead and schedule your appointment.

Another notable point is to never hide your fears, allergies, sensitivity, or anything similar from your piercer. Remember that they are professionals, and it is better if the trust is mutual (yes, you read that right). Plus, it reduces your chances of hurt and infection.

What are the best ways to style multiple ear piercings?

18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

Now that we have understood the primary questions related to ear piercings, let us move ahead to a fascinating part of this guide - styling multiple ear piercings!


• Research - research - research: We cannot stress enough the importance of research. Use Google - Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs will show you tones of creative ideas. Or visit your nearby piercing shop for an old-school trial method.

• Be patient: Getting too many ear piercings in one sitting is not bold. On the contrary, no professional piercer would suggest getting more than three ear piercings in one sitting. So, take your time. Enjoy the process, let them heal, and settle down. Accessorize them and flaunt them. Wait for a few months and schedule another appointment.

• Maximal, minimal, OR both: The mix n match concept has been in trend for ages. There is a sense of harmony when you pair large layered dangly earrings with cutesy tiny studs. Shopping time, maybe!

• Be creative - be unique: Buy tiny pendants or charms charity stores, flea markets, or thrift shops. Plus, you can also try single second-hand earrings. Sterilize them and pair them with multiple alternatives. The point is to try to infuse your personality into your earrings to make them stand out - do not shy away from being you. After all, did you not just get an ear piercing?!


Conversely, if you are a bit indecisive about ear piercing and want to see if it would suit your face type, you can still try a fake yet successful trick. Buy minute stick-on cuffs (these cuffs will give you the feeling of hoops) and beads. Now, pair them as per your wish and see if that is something you would want a bit more permanently.

• Layers add depth: Experiment with your earrings. Fit a mini stud into your hoop and wear it like a single earring. The more you will experiment, the more distinct your style will become!

Ear piercing aftercare tips

Before you proceed to get ear piercings, make sure you do enough research to understand how to take care of your ear piercing(s). Aftercare will keep your ear piercing in a good condition reducing the chances of any possible infection. As per the professional piercers, it is not advisable to harshly turn, twist, or rotate while sleeping. Also, do not sleep on either side of your ear piercings. Doing so may increase your risk of getting an infection (or skin irritation) which will extend the overall healing process. Moreover, clean the area with lukewarm salt water about a couple of times a day. As a thumb rule, steer clear of water bodies like pools, bathtubs, hot tubs, etc., for a minimum of six to eight weeks post your ear piercing schedule. Also, avoid soap, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, shampoo, and other abrasive chemicals to come in contact with your new ear piercing(s).


18 Best ear piercings: The ultimate trend guide

This marks the end of our ultimate guide to ear piercings clarifying all the hows, whats, and wheres. I hope you are still not wondering what ear piercing would suit you the best. Honestly, all this is up to you. Whatever you settle for, do not let the trends overpower your wishes. But remember that these ear piercings are permanent - make your choices wisely and fearlessly!


Do you have an ear piercing? Tell us about your experiences in the comment section below.

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What are some dos and don'ts after ear piercings?
Keep the area clear. Do not sleep on either side of your ear. Do not use harsh chemicals. Dry them immediately after exposing the area to water. Twist the earring frequently to allow it to settle on your skin.

How long does it take for ear piercings to heal?
Generally, it takes about six to eight weeks. But in the case of multiple cartilage piercings, it may take up to a year.

What not to do before getting my ears pierced?
Do not consume too much caffeine or any other energy drink.

How can I know if I am getting an infection?
Your pierced area will become swollen and reddish.

Which is more painful - a gun piercing or needle piercing?
Gun piercings are more painful and may even damage your tissues.

Which method of ear piercing is the most painful?
Cartilage piercing.

Which method of ear piercing is the least painful?
Lobe piercings.

Can I take painkillers to avoid pain?
Strictly consult your piercer and doctor.

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