10 desi comfort foods for curing your hunger pangs right away

Do you feel happy when cheese is being pulling out? Or drool when you see a piping hot plate of pasta? If yes, then keep reading the article to find out our beloved desi comfort foods that own a special piece of our hearts.
10 desi comfort foods for curing your hunger pangs right away
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Someone correctly quoted that “People who enjoy life, rarely have a flat stomach”. Are you a self-claimed foodie? Do you drool when cheese is being pulled with pizza slices? Do you get mouthgasm when you take the first bite of your favourite hamburger? Do you feel heavenly when the chocolate melts into your mouth? If your stomach growled and said yes, then you have absolutely landed at the right place.

Whenever you think of a comfort food, you will mostly get answers like pizzas, chaat, maggi and ice cream. But comfort food is something that you can have at any given time in any amount and when both your tummy and heart should “DAMN, NOM NOM”. 

We bring you a list of everyone’s all-time favourite comfort food items that are absolutely DESI. Keep scrolling to read more. 

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  1. Garma Garam Rajma Chawal

There is nothing in the world like a piping hot and steamy plate full of Rajma Chawal, topped with onions and fresh green chilies accompanied with a frothy glass of mint chaas. We strongly recommend Connaught Place Ke Rajma Chawal.

  1. Spiced Pav Bhaji

This piping hot and spicy squashed thick vegetable curry is served with a dollop of butter, diced cilantro, onion and squeezed lemon juice. If you mouth is already watering, simply drive to chowpatty and try for yourself.

  1. Crunchy Aaloo Samosa

These deep-fried, spiced potato stuffed pockets are loved throughout the length and breadth of the country. Crunchy from outside and soft from inside, this is best tasted with tea.

  1. Kurkure Pakode and Piping Hot Chai

Pakodas are super quick and easy to make. These fritters come to rescue when you want to eat something tasty but with super less effort. Best combined with tea, these are the best snack for monsoon evenings.

  1. Masaledaar Stuffed Parantha

Parantha is one such dish that can be consumed in the breakfast, lunch or dinner. Ranging from cheese, aaloo, paneer or simply a plain one- crispy and hot paranthas are the GO-TO food for every foodie. You can serve it with a dollop of butter, curd and mango pickle for extra taste.

  1. Tasty Chole Bhature

Did you just drool imagining the feather soft, round bhaturas with chole cooked in a pool of rustic spices, topped with spiced green chilies and lime squeeze? So did we. Quickly jot down Paharganj Ke Chole Bhature in foodie bucket list.

  1. Steamy Hot Momos

These dumplings have a wide variety available from vegetables, paneer, soya and non-vegetarian fillings. Streamed or fried, these are super soft and crunchy respectively served with super spicy garlic momos chutney.

  1. Desi Chowmein

Throw some noodles, mixed vegetables and flavourful Chinese sauces in a pan and stir fry them until cooked properly. You have a piping hot plate full of Desi Chowmein!

  1. Buttery Soft Tandoori Masala Chaap

Do you love the sizzling plate of tandoori masala chaap served at the barbeque restaurants? How can we not. From masala to malai and afgani- chaap is best cure for your hunger pangs.

  1. Bread Pakoda

Stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes filling, the tri king bread pakoda is perfect for tea-time snack. The final stop for your hunger train.

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