Controlling sugar consumption during the festive season: Check out THESE easy tips

Consumption of sugar is difficult all year around. But it’s especially difficult during the festive season.
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Most of us are unable to keep a check on our food habits during the time of festivities and understandably so. But no matter what we should be careful of what we are eating during celebrations including sugar. It’s easy to get carried away by sugar cravings when everyone around you is busy making, gifting, buying and eating sweets! You are allowed to have a little bit of sugar every now and then and for the rest of the time, this is how you can control your sugar consumption!



Believe in moderation


Consumption of sugar is not a no-no. But be careful of how much sugar you are consuming. Limit your consumption to one sweet a day so you don’t go overboard with sugar consumption. If there are multiple sweets to taste, have a small bite from all of your favourite ones!



Choose natural sugar


Avoid refined sugar by replacing it with natural food items such as dry and fresh fruits, frozen fruits and canned fruits. These are healthier options that will improve your blood sugar levels and also satisfy your sugar cravings. Fruits also have a great food value that will keep you full for long.



Ditch the sweet drinks


During festivities, water is usually replaced by sweet drinks such as soda, cold drinks, canned fruit juices, lassi, etc. You can avoid this unnecessary sugar consumption by choosing to drink other refreshing beverages such as coconut water, buttermilk, fruit juices and unsweetened fresh lime soda! These beverages are also loaded with nutrients and better at keeping you hydrated!



Find suitable alternatives


You can replace refined sugar with healthier alternatives such as jaggery, honey, molasses and syrup. Although these are still sweetening agents, they are relatively healthier than white and brown sugar. Honey and jaggery are easily available in the market and they also add a distinct taste to a food item.



Increase intake of protein and fats


Festivities also require for you to be on your toes all day. For this, it is important to indulge in a high calorie diet for a few days. Instead of popping a sweet when you are hungry, have a slice of cheese and some nuts for an instant dose of energy. Protein and fat rich diet will also keep you full for longer and suppress sugar cravings!

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