10 Movies to satisfy the traveller in you during quarantine

A list of movies to satisfy the traveller in you without going anywhere.
international travel,Travel Movies,Quaratine 10 Movies to satisfy the traveller in you during quarantine
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Are you someone who loves travelling? Then you would know that travelling is much more than just a feeling. It is a sense of completeness that you experience once you’re out in the wilderness. But at stressful times like these, you can’t even step out of your house without thinking about the risk, let alone travel to a different place for some peace of mind. As quarantine becomes a major and necessary part of our lives due to coronavirus, travelling might not seem possible anytime soon. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world. 

Exploring can be done from the comfort of your couch by living through the screen (temporarily). Being stuck at home has given you so much time to explore the possibilities of your next travel through the movies. The best travel movies are those that fill your brain with adventure, escape and new possibilities. To satisfy the travel bug in you, we’ve compiled a list of movies you can binge-watch during quarantine that will take you on a virtual tour around the world. 

Here are 10 movies to watch to satisfy the traveller in you.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Iceland 

About an underachieving dreamer who travels to Greenland and the Himalayas to save his job but ends up finding the courage to face the unknown. The unbelievable adventures of Walter Mitty will definitely take you on an adventure. 

Into the Wild – Alaska 

A true story of a fearless American who dumps the riches to embark on a magical journey to Alaska. It is a movie that might stay with you forever as it is beautifully crafted and inspires one to the core. 

Before Sunrise Trilogy – Vienna, Greece, Paris, Messenia   

A journey of two strangers falling in love at first sight who discover their unexplained feelings as they explore the old lanes of Vienna. It is not just another romantic movie. It is much more than that, set in the beautiful backdrop of Vienna, Paris and more.

Midnight in Paris – Paris, Versailles, France 

A wanderlust inspiring comedy starring Owen Wilson will take you on a journey of nostalgia and delightful pleasures. It is a time-travel story where a writer travels back to Paris in the 1920s, every night. 

Encounters at the End of the World – Antarctica

One of the most fascinating documentaries, this movie explores the natural wonders of Antarctica. It is breathtakingly beautiful and brilliant. Filmmaker, Werner Herzog examines human nature and mother nature amid haunting landscapes. 

The Beach – Phuket, Thailand 

Leonardo DiCaprio, a young backpacker who arrives in Thailand with a mind of an adventurer and a desire to find something real. The plot might not be as strong as DiCaprio’s other movies, but it surely takes you to an earthly paradise. 

Wild – United States 

Cheryl Strayed, a backpacker who gets motivated to travel after her mother’s death and breakdown of her marriage. She connects to her inner self as she decides to walk the Pacific Crest Trail along America’s west coast.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Spain 

Three friends reunite on a bachelor’s trip and take over Spain. They feel reconnected with life and themselves on this exquisite journey. This movie is more than just your typical Bollywood Flick. 

Queen – Paris, Amsterdam 

About a timid girl from Delhi who gets dumped by her fiancé a day before her wedding. She is devastated but decides to go on her honeymoon alone. She not only explores the world on her own but in the process, comes out to be more independent and stronger than ever. 

The Bucket List – France, China, Nepal, Tanzania, Egypt 

A movie that reminds you that life is too short to not live it to the fullest. The Bucket List should be on your list because of the beautiful tale of two cancer patients who run away to go on a road trip with their things-to-do list.