12 Travel products to shop from Amazon to ace the vagabond vibe

Are you a travel freak? The pandemic has brought in few changes making your backpack heavier with hygiene utilities. Check out some must-have products from Amazon for the wanderlust in you!
12 Travel products to shop from Amazon to ace the vagabond vibe
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With the desire to travel amping up and the lockdown restrictions slowly easing out, it's the right time for the travel enthusiasts to make their dreams come true again! Keeping in mind the safety of you and others, we have curated 15 products that every vagabond must have to make their trips safe, fun and complete. With some great offers and deals, Amazon has got quality products that one should buy to safeguard yourself from the virus outbreak and enjoy the trip in full freedom.


Here we bring to you curated 15 hygiene and safety travel products that one must never forget to carry while travelling.

Hand Sanitizer

Not just to save water, hand sanitiser has become one of the most important products to carry along while travelling. Sanitize immediately after touching that random doorknob, handle and keep yourself protected. Buy a hand sanitiser and keep it in your pocket or bag immediately.

Price: Rs 200

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Disinfectant spray

Incredibly versatile with a fresh & pleasant smell, this disinfectant spray makes sure your tables, doorknobs, chairs, keys, packages are germ-free and safe. Shake well and spray on any hard and soft surfaces where you want to disinfect and let it air dry. Always, safety first!

Price: Rs 134

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Travel planner organiser diary

Can’t manage the expenses or can't keep a track of your travel spots? All you need is a planner diary to keep a keen eye on everything that's happening. This diary has a gratitude journal, appointment scheduler, checklist organiser, creative planner and what not to make your travel sorted in all ways.

Price: Rs 1199

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Disposable plates

Most of the time it's not the destination but the journey that's more beautiful. If you have packed food in your backpack and you got to find the perfect location to open your tent then grab the leaf disposable plates and binge in watching the scenery. Disposable plates come in handy even if you are travelling in a group and it's an emotion to eat on trains or buses but better carry your own disposable plates.

Price: Rs 225

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Cutlery set

A spoon, fork, 8mm Straw and cleaner, napkin in a Jute pouch is all that you need to get your food plans sorted. It's better to carry your own tools than opting for others’ already used spoons and forks considering the Covid-19 cases. This set is durable, reusable and is small enough to carry in your bag or car dashboard so you never forget it.

Price: Rs 299

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Sterilizer cum phone charger

This is the life saviour product you have been looking for! The Shuddhi box disinfects your daily essential items be it phones, keys or anything and also acts as a wireless charger. It's super lightweight making it easy to carry around. The automatic power cut feature is enabled when the lid is open is the most important safety feature it has. So don’t give a second thought, just buy the product from below.

Price: Rs 3499

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Soap case

Travel enthusiasts know the struggle of staying in strange resorts or sometimes the thrill of finding aid in the nearby pond to freshen up. A soap case comes in handy even if you are travelling overnight on trains. So don't forget to pack your soap cases along for the journey.

Price: Rs 225

Buy now

Toothbrush Holder

As it goes unsaid, toothbrush holders are not just to pack the toothbrush well and hold it in place, it covers up the brush heads and protects it from germs. The cover offers complete protection for the brush head’s hygienic and dust-free condition, the travel cap hygienic storage will help prevent the bristles from being exposed to germs, bacteria and dust for better health.

Price: Rs 149

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This is an LED torch with 3xAAA batteries which is water-resistant, anti-abrasive, skid proof, compact design making it the top pocket flashlight for all situations. Never forget to carry a torch as it comes of use at unexpected times. Make it your main priority and shop the one right below!

Price: Rs 767

Buy now

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Seat covers are your toilet essentials that should be in your handbag always. These waterproof covers are soft, comfortable, hygienic and easy to use. They fit into backpacks, purses and pockets and you can easily carry it around for safety and hygiene purposes and throw it in the dustbin after use. 

Price: Rs 248

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Waterproof Travel bag

What's travel without a travel bag?! With a cool print and s-shaped shoulder straps are ergonomically designed with padded support and soft edges, this travel bag is for the travel freaks who are into road trips, hiking and anything with a notion of adventure. This rucksack comes with multiple auxiliary support systems and the main strap is designed in a way to hold your yoga mat with ease.

Price: Rs 719

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Shoe cover

Often forgotten, the shoe covers are a must-buy product for any kind of trip. If you love to pack all the shoes that match your outfits for your vacation or just carry an extra pair of slippers for safety, put them inside your bag well packed with these covers. Also, save yourself from worrying about packing stinky shoes with clean clothing while travelling with these shoe bags.

Price: Rs 295

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