14 things every true foodie will relate to

Let the hunger games begin!

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14 things every true foodie will relate to

Everyone loves food, but there are some of us who love food more than others. For these people, food is everything. They are called foodies but not everyone who eats can be one. You really have to adore food and be devoted to it before you can classify yourself as a true lover of the gastronomy. If you relate to each of these fourteen points, then you are a foodie!

1. Food is a gift okay, a great one

You believe treating people to food, calling them home for a meal or even gifting them restaurant gift cards is actually a great gift. It is the best present for you at least, someone taking you out to your favourite eatery and treating you while you gorge on your favourite dishes. Delicious food is the best anyone can give you.

2. Your day revolves around food

You plan your day and schedule your events according to your meal times. Skipping a meal is blasphemy and you'd rather shift around other plans of yours so that you can fill your tummy. Your body is definitely not complaining considering you keep your stomach full and your heart, fuller.

3. Your thoughts revolve around food too

While you sit there deep in thought, people might think that you are introspecting when all you are doing is thinking about whether you should have samosa or dosa for your evening snack. In your mind, there is always an elaborate thought process going on about what, where and how should your next meal be.

4. No plan is a plan until it involves food

Whether you're going out for a movie, shopping or even meeting up with someone, it is assumed that there will be food. You don't go outside for more than three hours without having something at least. Restaurants and cafes are your idea of recreation and having fun outdoors.

5. You will order only the best of everything

You don't understand people who are not choosy about their food. Sure, you love food but that doesn't mean you'll eat everything that comes your way. You have certain standards and norms when it comes to food and you will not compromise on it. For instance, you will never, ever order vegetarian food at a Mughlai restaurant.

6. When you eat, you go all out

You don't eat to appeal only to your stomach or to your taste buds. You take care of both of them. You either order nothing or a full meal where you won't resist any craving. You respect the wants of your tummy and fulfill them. Starters, main course and desserts or nothing at all. Go big or go home.

7. The food needs to be captured before it is eaten

You may not always upload the food you eat but you will definitely store it in your camera gallery to look back at and admire in your later moments. It is not for the purpose of showing off or making some sort of collection, it is simply because of how beautiful food is, that you just cannot eat it without documenting it first.

8. You study food like a science

You really know your food and you are proud of it. You're aware of all the detailing that goes into a certain dish. You know the difference between a pulav and biryani and you're great at ordering the best dish at the restaurant. You even know how asafoetida is pronounced and what it is. End story, you know food damn well.

9. You truly obey your taste buds

You don't understand people who eat only to fill their tummies. For you, food isn't just a means to an end but an experience in its whole and you make sure you feel fulfilled every time you have a meal. You won't just have anything to satisfy your hunger, you'll make sure your taste buds have fun too.

10. More than half of your money is spent on food

Whatever your savings are, you spend it on food. If there is a specific restaurant that is very expensive, you will pile up money to splurge on it. You don't even mind blowing up all your cash on eating because food is always worth it.

11. You will do anything for that food item you want

Whether it is standing in a single line for 2 hours for those killer momos or fighting your way through crowded food festivals to try out new dishes, you will make real efforts for the food you want. You believe no amount of hard work put in procuring food ever gets wasted and you are right. 

12. You are the food advisor for people around you

You almost play the role of Zomato for everyone around you. Whether a friend wants to know the best pizza place in the area or why macaroons are overpriced, you have the answer for it all. Your friends know you as the one who will always have the best opinion on restaurants and cafes.

13. You light up when there's food around

Food literally, honestly, genuinely, really makes you happy. The moment the food you ordered comes upon the table or when they announce that it is dinner time, you jump with glee in your head. Even in reality, sometimes. 

14. Your social media is all food

You may not have a food blog but you are present and active on all food social sites like Zomato, DineOut and others. You follow food blogs and tag your friends on all trending food images with the comment 'lets go!!!' The only reason you don't have your own food blog is probably your laziness.

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