15 candies that will take you back to your childhood

Your favourite candies hold a part of your childhood with them and even though they may not be available in markets now, seeing them will always bring back sweet memories.
15 candies that will take you back to your childhood
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The iconic chocolates of the present generation are Snickers and Toblerone. However, there was a time when as kids, we gained joy in the simplest of candies and toffees that the local grocer or tapri wala could give us. These little gems have disappeared from the market with time but they are still present in our memories. Even today if we see them in some random shop, we won't be able to take just one. Here is a walk down memory lane.
Simple and available for 25 or 50 paise per piece, Kokonaka had a caramel coconut flavour that simply melted in your mouth. 
Mango Bite
At Rs. 1, Mango Bite in those days was a privilege and shared only with the best of friends. It later got banned due to the presence of lactic acid by which it was termed as harmful. 
Rola-e-Cola was the candy we had as a substitute for the aerated drinks our parents didn't allow us to have. Am I the only one who plopped it into the water to make coke?
One kismi costing just 25 paise, it was that candy which everyone had in bunches in their pockets at all times.
Phantom Cigarettes
Who else remembers putting these sweet sticks in your mouth and blowing out imaginary smoke in intervals to look cool?
Pan Pasand
Ravalgaon's pan pasand left a sweet syrupy aftertaste in your mouth which tasted a lot like paan, another one of the things denied to us as children *sob*.
The first thing that comes to one's mind when thinking of Poppins is the ad campaign 'Doon kya?' These colourful candies really added colour to our lives back then.
Sticky, colourful and available in all sorts of flavours, Marbles was the candy of the cool kid. With that chewing gum feel, it was addictive.
Big Babol
Big Babol is mostly remembered for its ad campaign where a kid blows up a bubble with a chewing gum, and it was all we wanted back in those days.
I don't think any of us still have the answer to 'Melodi itni chocolaty kyu hai?' Even the advertisements were so amusing for this one.
Nutties by Cadbury was so exotic during that time, with all of its packaging and nuts which made it different from other chocolates. It was also comparatively more expensive.
Choki Choki
These were so delightful, all you had to do was keep the straw like packets in your mouth and pull the yummy chocolate in. It felt so fascinating at that point in time.
Magic Pop
Most of us didn't get the concept of this apparently fancy chocolate but ate it anyway, distributing a little of the powder in everyone's cupped hands.
Our parents had forbidden us from having this icy cold drink saying it caused typhoid and jaundice, but no one ever listened as they kept consuming this juice one by one.
The most of Ayurveda we knew at that point of time was Fatafat with its black herbal balls which were consumed for all purposes apart from health of course.
Comment below and tell us if we missed any of your favourite candies!


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hahaah!! pepsee!! Rose flavor my fav

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Feeling nostalgic,Thanks for the post.

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