3 places in Nashik to visit for an enchanting street shopping experience

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Places in Nashik to visit for an enchanting street shopping experience
Places in Nashik to visit for an enchanting street shopping experience

Some travelers visit Nashik to scout out its quaint temples, culture and scenic beauty. Yet, others visit the nation’s wine capital to savor some delectable mead and amble across the lush vineyards. Nevertheless, if you’re heading to this city, then you should know that there’s more to Nashik than the historic beauty that people flock to see. 


This hamlet in Maharastra might host the marvellous Kumbh Mela only once every 12 years. However, it has some evergreen gems that that you may visit all year round. Today, we help you explore some of the street markets in the city that promise you a swell shopping experience.


Tibetan Market for stunning woollen wear and yummy food

The Tibetan market is the perfect place for some soul-satisfying shopping. You must check out the exquisite woolen weaves, the winter jackets, mittens and even the accessories on offer here. The prices are a steal! Apart from shopping to your hearts content, you can stopover at the food stalls here for some tasty local fare and even some Tibetan delicacies.

tibetan souvenirs in Nashik


Deolali Camp Market for charming antiques

A lot of temples are situated around Deolali camp, which is what has made it a tourist hot-spot. Should you head here, look for shops with gorgeous antiques, works of art and curios. They shall make great souvenirs for your loved ones.


Saraf bazaar for exquisite jewellery

Your shopping experience would be incomplete without jewelry from Saraf Bazaar. This is where you can find stunning rings, bangles in a myriad of hues and uniquely crafted necklaces. The trinkets here are reasonably priced as well.

street markets of nashik


Whether you choose to pick up lots of inimitable trinkets as gifts for your friends or simply feast on the delectable treats on offer in these markets; your time in the city of Nashik shall certainly be an unforgettable memory!

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